Analysis Of USA Tourism Sector Current State

Most countries earn their revenue from international tourists who visit the country for adventure, medical purposes, and socialization among others. As a result, this enhances business, education, community culture and elevates cash flow within the country. Likewise, for the United States, over the years the country has earned handsomely from revenue as a result of international tourist. However, from 2017, research shows a declining number of tourist visiting the country compared to the previous year. 2017 experienced a decline by more than 700,000 in the first quarter as compared to 2016. This paper analyzes the current nature of tourists’ activities in the USA and the tourists’ attitude towards the country.

The Attitude of the Foreigners

Attitude is an enduring belief, behavioral tendencies, and feelings towards a significant object. The entity is evaluated psychologically by the degree of favor is disfavor. The three structures of attitude include affective, behavioral and cognitive component. The affective component puts together the individual's emotions and feelings about the object. Behavioral is the way the attitude about something effects on how the person behaves. Finally, the cognitive component incorporates the person knowledge and belief on the entity. The belief that President Trump’s measures on issues to deal with Visa application and processing affects the emotions of most of the tourists. For instance, the travel memorandum between China and USA in 2007 increased the number of tourists from china to the USA.

The positive attitude of the Chinese towards the USA after the agreement enabled the country to receive more visitors. However, with the stringent rules towards Muslim dominated countries, this affects both the cognitive, affective and behavioral attitude of foreigners towards the USA negatively. Foreigners, especially those from Mexico and Muslim countries, believe that the current president hates them and the president is determined to drive them away through numerous executive orders signed. The plan to build a wall between Mexico and the USA escalated the negative attitudes of the Mexicans towards the country.

Most of the foreigners believe that they have denied there right of movement. However, the USA thinks that the wall is built to deter criminal acts and illegal immigrants who deal with the unlawful trade like drug smuggling. However, the country remains as a major destination for many people. How to Change the Attitude of the Foreigners towards the USA Changing an attitude of a person is a complicated aspect which requires in-depth analysis of the thoughts and options. The USA attitude related scenario is multifaceted and affects the diverse sectors of the country. The poor attitude is not only pegged on the international policy but also the stereotyping within the national borders. In order to effectively change the attitude of the foreigners, the USA has to work on the cognitive component by rewriting some of the international relations and boarder policies. The acts can be put into practice by:

  • Removing the travel ban which is seen to be targeting Muslim nations and work to educate the country on the need of the Mexican border beyond the current speculations.
  • The country should implement fair trade agreement and interaction with other countries. The approach will help in elevating the confidence and right image of the USA just like the 2007 Chinese agreement.
  • The country should also improve the security of the foreigners in the country and promote harmony among the victors and the citizens. The most affected are the black minority group with the documented historical accounts showing that this group has experienced full racial violence and discrimination.

What Motivates Foreign Tourists

For the past years, travel motivation has remained one of the highly researched areas of tourism. The researchers have shown that people travel across the country to due to psychological forces which are not only innate but also pushed by the attributes of the destination. The USA is one of the country receiving a high number of tourists in the world. According to the study conducted by Dayour & Adongo (2015), a sample survey of 650 international tourists interviewed acknowledged that destination attraction, adventure novelty, culture, and social contact influences the decision of the tourists. Tourists visit the USA due to a high number of attractive destinations like beaches, museums and natural wonders spread across the country.

Approximately 35,000 museums are available in the USA which offers the tourists an excellent opportunity to assess the history of the country and appreciate its culture. Besides, the different cuisines served at the restaurants makes it perfect for those who will like to interact with the culture of the country regarding the food. Also, medical tourism is on the rise, with people traveling to the state to receive medical attention from highly skilled specialists and technologically advanced country. The greatest motivational conflict hoovers around the cost and racial discrimination witnessed in some parts of the country. The need to interact and socialize with Americans in most cases is faced with a conflict of racial discrimination. In some places, blacks cannot mingle freely with whites die to the bad stereotyping rooted in the culture.

According to Smiley & Fakunle (2016), racial discrimination is historically and deeply rooted in the USA. The medical tourism aspect is faced by high costs which deter foreigners from African countries. In most cases, India has continued to receive a high number of patients from Africa for specialized treatment due to their low costs. More Americans are traveling outside the country to seek medical attention because the state has the most expensive health care system in the world. The tourism industry needs to subvert the conflicts by encouraging the communities to stay together and treat visitors appropriately regardless of their skin color or country of origin. The tourism department should also work with the national government to enact policies which favor the reduction of medical costs in the country.

Tourism Advert

Tourism advert aimed at marketing the USA as a preferred destination. The advert is built on the value expressive function. It helps show the world what the USA stands for and how its values serve the rest of the world better. The all-inclusive culture promised in the advert together with the welcoming attitude of the people is a show of love to the rest of the country.

The attitude function of value expressive function brands the country as a perfect destination for everyone. Utilization of value expressive function enables the country to change the behavior of the tourists towards it. The advert appeals the need of the tourists to have a positive attitude towards the country by exploring the various tourists' sites and enjoy the excellent culture and flexible hotel rates.


The tourists’ attitude towards the USA is becoming an essential topic for policy makers. The aggressive attempt by the current ruling party to deny entry specific type of people is becoming a great challenge for the sector. Besides, the over stereotyping of the minority, racial discrimination and high prices of medical care in the country has significantly changed the attitude of the foreigners towards the country. The department, therefore, together with other federal government agencies should establish policies which protect the tourists from the country by advising the executive for forfeit the laws which are detrimental to the sector. However, there will be a possible conflict between the need to improve the tourism sector in the country and the plans of the government to maintain stringent immigration policies.

18 March 2020
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