Anti-Bullying Advocacy: Support For Bullied Victims

For twenty-one years, The World of Children has advocated for children around the world who are at high risk at becoming a bullied victim. Through private and public funding vulnerable children have been elevated in spirits, educated and those children become effective future change makers for others worldwide. Since 1998, the organization has donated over $14 millions to high impact programs against bullying; led by nearly 120 Honorees working in over 60 countries. This organization is a world renowned by media and also the “Nobel Prize for Child Advocates”. It is the only global recognition and funding program that exclusively focuses on a broad range of children’s issues including health, education, safety and human rights.

The World of Children takes pride in ensuring proper use of funds with ongoing reports regarding Honoree performance. Extensive investigations are conducted for every Honoree to ensure they are doing their best work. Investigations are carried out by one of the world’s leading corporate security firms, and reports are made available and public to any potential investors. Investigations include a criminal background check; an on-site visit; interviews with law enforcement, community leaders, and experts in the areas of impact; and a review of all financial data. This step to show the public where funding is allocated is highly important to build and gain trust of donor since there have been many scandals on social media these days with Go Fund Me accounts.

The Board of Governors for world of children covers operating costs so that 100% of public donations go directly to funding high-impact programs around the world. Financial funding and recognition awards are given in five categories: Education, Health, Humanitarian, Protection and Youth. There are requirements that nominees must meet in each category to be considered for an annual Award. The world of children was an organization worth shining a light on. They focus not just on eliminating bullying in our society; this organization focus on other issues including: education, disabilities, sexual and physical abuse, homelessness and hunger, cancer and lifesaving medical care. There are many partners and celebrities that support this organization and promotes its publicity. Celebrities, such as, Anne Hathaway, Rachel Roy, Brooke Burke etc. and giant partners including UNICEF, Proctor and Gamble, NY&C etc. all help in making this organization an international success. Currently, there are no fees to be a member nor are donors obligated to give a certain amount of charity. The only disadvantage in this organization will be on the political level. They have not made any strides to elevate themselves to gain attention from the government but hopefully progress will be made in the future and also detailed requirements are not listed on how eligibility is chosen to receive an award.

Another great organization that has made an impact in many lives of young teens and adults is Stopbullying. gov. It is an online anti-bullying supportive resource that provides valuable information on both bullying and cyberbullying. This site coordinates with additional government websites to inform friends, families, loved ones, and victims about bullying and how to prevent it. Many of the coordinating efforts are co-led with the Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice. All of these supportive co-leading groups are important in the ability to get bully awareness out there, by using its platform that connects to vulnerable communities.

Statics show in 2017, the school crime supplement recorded 15% of 12-18-year-old students were bullied online or by text which is unbelievable. This website is truly a great source for victims and families who are concerned about a loved one’s well-being. It provides in depth information as to who's at risk, what bullying looks like (to identify it) and the same for cyberbullying. It’s great that they address cyberbullying separately because, well, I identify cyberbullying as a different type of bully style. Research has shown cyberbullying has become more common, and increasingly more dangerous due to the prevalent use of technology. Unfortunately, there are no celebrity representatives for this site to help it gain attention. However, the site is a thriving success due to its large government backing. It’s very informational and does not require any fees or memberships to access this valuable information.

In regards to legislature, state and local lawmakers have acted to prevent bullying and protect children. Unfortunately, each jurisdiction, including all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U. S. territories (state), addresses bullying differently, this could lead to a sense of misunderstanding and ambiguity as to what bullying is defined as. Some have established laws, policies, and regulations. While, others have developed model policies schools and local educational agencies (districts) can use as they develop their own local laws, policies and regulations. Most state laws, policies, and regulations require districts and schools to implement a bullying policy and procedures to investigate and respond to bullying when it occurs. A handful of states also require bullying prevention programs, including bullying prevention in health education standards, and/or teacher professional development. These state laws generally do not prescribe specific consequences for kids who engage in bullying behavior, and very few classify bullying as a criminal offense. Furthermore, states may address bullying, cyberbullying, and related behaviors in a single law or across multiple laws. In some cases, bullying appears in the criminal code of a state that may apply to juveniles.

In December 2010, U. S. Department of Education developed a framework of common components found in state laws, policies, and regulations focused on bullying at the time. The framework was used to describe how schools were acting to prevent and respond to bullying incidents. The common components found in state laws, policies, and regulations – which have evolved over time – include definitions of bullying, defining characteristics that are commonly targeted for bullying behaviors, and detailed requirements for school district policies. The table below presents which set of components are addressed in each state’s laws, policies, and regulations, allowing for a quick comparison of how each state compares. Overall both organizations/websites are making a positive imprint in the worlds to rid it of its unnecessary cruelty but rather setting examples for others to follow.


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31 October 2020
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