Anyone Can Face With Such Struggles - 'The Blind Side'

The Blind Side is a sports drama film written and directed by John Lee Handcock. The film was created in 2009 supported a real story of a football player, Michael Oher and how he experiences several changes throughout the film. This is The Blind Side movie review - an essay where we will see how struggles follow a 16-year-old Michael Oher’s upbringing, through his years throughout high school and challenge and struggles Michael faces as his past traumatic expertise along with his strung-out mum and therefore the missing of his father. 

Michael Oher grew up in an exceedingly low social economic area with barely any education. He ran away from the abuse from his parents to the streets where he was found by wealthy family name the Touhy Family. The director shows how White Americans like the Tuohy family excepted Michael for who he is and what he desires to be. The film depicts the notion of popular culture because it emphasizes the various issues of society like race, racism, cultural differences, cultural interaction, and alternative concepts concerning culture and society. This oral will outline and contrast similarities between Michael Oher lifestyle and my life, and throughout the film and therefore the use and effect of Social and Resource power upon Michael.

Michael Oher previous situation was inefficient to his own well-being and social health. Michaels past causes him to struggle in reality as his earlier environment caused the lack of education and resources. Therefore, Michael began living onto the streets with the absents of resources and social support only to be comforted with unemployed youths who indulge in bad activities like drinking, gambling, violence and stealing. Michaels lifestyle was unhealthy, harmful and detrimental, furthermore, this lifestyle is affected Michael as he could not benefit and achieve anything from this life. When Michael was founded by the Tuohy family, they notice his lack of education, repeat of grades and failing most classes. However, the Tuohy Family understands Michael as a person and supports him with tutor and mentors This also somewhat relates to me as I would be struggling during my early education to be helped and mentored by my parents and other teachers receiving feedback and criticism. Resources such as education are critical to a child’s development as it affects an individual and the community and possibly may lead to negative effects. At the age of 16 years old, Michael Oher was unable to receive social support as he was under the influence of an unhealthy community, with uneducated youth gangs who commit dangerous crimes. Yet since Michael was brought into the wealthy family, Michael has made friends with students and his new family. This also correlates with my life as I share a few similarities as Michael. Throughout the film, Michael Oher obtained resources and social support during the upbringing from The Touhy Family as they encouraged and inspired him for the future.

Michael Oher and his birth parents were in a serious financial problem at the beginning of the film. Michael Oher struggled throughout the start of the film as he had no social support, resources and education, as his parents were incapable to care and nature Michael. This impact on Michael Oher and other children in his age could influence the use of early drugs and alcohol. However, how would life be in Michael Ohers situation as a boy my age who has no social support or resources? Life for a boy in Australia would be extremely difficult and tough without the fundamental support of resources, such as education. Children without basic education would excessively affect child development as it prepares children for reading, writing and arithmetic particularly education in early childhood paves the way for success in the future. Negligence upon Children who are yet to experience social support from others and resources would be an increased risk for homelessness, behavioural problems, anxiety and possibly depression. 

11 February 2023
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