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Are Trump’s Immigration Policies Fair

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The United States was a place for families who wanted a better life for themselves and their families, but with Donald Trump as the President, those days have surely come to an end. Trump’s America has labeled all immigrants as criminals who wants to come to the United States to break the law and cause trouble. In the year 2015, Donald Trump started his election campaign with a slogan of “Make America Great Again”.

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According to an article by Shikha Dalmia, in 2015 Donald Trump stated that Mexico was sending both legal and illegal immigrants who want to come to the U.S to commit crime. Donald Trump called Mexicans in America as rapists and criminals. In his election campaign he used offensive words to describe immigrants such as calling chinese immigrants as rats and vermin. Trump stated that these immigrants are coming to America to infest it with poverty. After winning the election, Trump has restricted the policies. People who want to seek asylum or come to the U.S legally has been very difficult in the presidency of Donald Trump. These policies have separated children from their parents. Dalmia gives an example of a girl from Somalia, who wanted to come to America because her life was under threat in Somalia by her own family. Ayaan Ali another Somalian girl was lucky to come to America before these policies were placed, if she had delayed than she would not be able to seek asylum in the United States.

E.Grinberg, K.Toropin and J.Morris gives an example of strict and illegal policies by Trump which have made lives harder for foreigners and is unfair to legal citizens and immigrants. Recently, On June 27 Francisco Erwin Galacia, an American born citizen who was born in a Hispanic family was detained illegally by the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). When Francisco was travelling with his friends and younger brother near the Mexico border for an event, he was stopped by the Border Police, he was asked to present his legal documentation to the officer. He presented his Texas ID, and other forms of legal documents to the border agents which showed that he was a legal citizen of the United States. Regardless he was illegally taken into custody where he was mistreated and was not allowed to meet or call his family. During his detention, Francisco continued to state that he is an American born citizen, but he was ignored.

After he was released his mother submitted his birth certificate to immigration authorities that claimed that he was born in the U.S but there was a conflict in his document that was pointed, it claimed that he was born in Mexico too. After investigating, his mother stated that she was not a U.S legal citizen, therefore she marked Francisco as a Mexican born citizen and took out a tourist visa for Francisco so that he can visit family and relatives in Mexico without any problem. She could not claim a U.S passport for her son because she failed to verify her identity which was provided in documentation. Further she convinced immigration authorities that it was a mistake and proved that her son was in fact as a U.S citizen. Francisco’s younger brother was also taken into custody for two days as he did not have the legal authority to live in U.S and despite Francisco he was born in Mexico and after the custody he was asked to sign a document for deportation to Mexico and was sent back to his country. After this incident happened there has been a lot of questions popping up for these immigrants.

On the other hand, Trump promoters are defending his policies and laws saying that he has been strict about the policies and changed the laws for the safety of America, to look after who’s coming and going out of the States. In order to make sure that no one breaks the law and is not illegally living in the United States and practicing illegal stuff, Trump has restricted the policies. Further the promoters say that they might not like the way he talks about immigrants but they agree with the idea of making America Great again because as a President of such a big nation it is the president’s duty to make sure and be aware of what is going on in his country, and whatever Trump did in his government is for the betterment of the Nation.

Another example of Trump attacks on minorities in America is stated in an article by “Wisconsin Law Journal” a legal immigration case in the name of Julio Cesar Najera-Rodriguez v. William P.Barr was filed to remove Julio. Julio who was a legal resident of U.S was convicted on Xanax pills without a prescription. Under the federal law, since Julio was convicted with controlled drug therefore, he was dropped from the United States. Unlike Julio, other legal Americans who are convicted with worst crime than possession are still allowed to stay in the United States.

In conclusion, These are some examples of how hard time is given to minorities to live in America. Minorities come to America with a dream of being successful and providing a better life for their families, but Trump’s government has made it very difficult for them. Al though, like other U.S citizens there are some immigrants who break the laws but not all immigrants should be blamed for this because immigrants not only made America a better place but also have worked hard to be successful. In reality, like many other countries, America also depends on its immigrants to make it better.

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07 September 2020

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