ASL BPO: Outsourcing Solutions in IT sector

ASL BPO is an organization which provides IT solutions and outsourcing services to their clients. I joined in this organization under the operation department. Due to confidentiality, I was told that I cannot use the information for my report from any other departments but only of the department I had worked for. That is why I have limited information regarding my findings and analysis. Despite of all these limitations, after working for four months in this organization under the Operation department, I have found out many things that I could include into my report. Though I worked for a specific department but still I had some opportunities to access various working systems of ASL BPO. I was given some major tasks. Among these tasks, some assignments were very important as they were not only for the employees of ASL BPO but also for all the employees of the ASL family.

Client Losing

An issue I have to mention is that in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market, an organization is always in scare of client loss. There are many companies like us who offer our client in a low cost and thus we might lose the client. So, all the time we have to be very active and also try to make clients very happy. Another matter is here that inside the organization there are employees who work for a specific vendor, they offer the clients in very low cost as the employee will work from home where he/she doesn’t have to think about the office cost. So, sometimes own employees may become threats. 

Major Limitation

For a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm in Bangladesh, the biggest limitations of any outsourcing company in Bangladesh are manifested in a two-fold issue: One for BPO companies that are solely based on this country and do not have a foreign headquarters it is hard to convince foreign businesses to hire a Bangladeshi firm when they may have better alternatives (multi-international BPO companies) in India and Philippines. So, to compete with other countries like India and the Philippines we need to have a corporate office in the USA, Canada, France, etc. to have a trustful and better view of us. For, example “Field Nation” established an office in the USA. Now, their profit margin goes higher day by day.

The second problem lies with the fact that due to the current educational infrastructure of the country being much back warded it is extremely hard to find competent and skilled labor suited to meet the demands of foreign businesses.

ASL BPO is different

They are unique, ASL is not quite the same as other re-appropriating firms through the way that they give adaptable arrangements that oblige customer's individual needs. They pride ourselves on the nature of their administration, their two-advance checking procedure ensures higher quality: a different Training office that guarantees all representatives are up to standard and experienced before they can begin customer's work and a Quality Control office that QCs all work to limit mistake and supervise that proficiency is kept up. In light of the necessities of the customer a matter of fact, they will supply them with remote helpers that exceed expectations in the field they require, basically reach them and advise ASL regarding your needs. They will at that point dole out the correct collaborators for the customer, and once they set the errands, they will be done in an auspicious way, before they report the status of the work. ASL BPO can ensure that they won't lament employing ASL to help the improvement of customer's undertaking. 


The IT sector or BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector of Bangladesh is increasing at the moment because of technological evaluation and will increase more day by day. As it is also very important for us to keep with the pace of the latest world, without doing this it won’t be possible for us to take our step forward.

ASL BPO provides outsourcing solutions to their clients. After being a part of this organization, I have realized how a tech firm does its job properly with the right track. ASL BPO started their venture five years back with its own name.

Operation department is such a department of the organization that takes care of the full business from every brick to the full office building and whatever along comes with it, procurement, sales, and marketing so on. Because of working under this department, I have observed some of their working techniques which helped me to relate with my education. I have observed how a department is responsible to maintain an organization. It was an honor for me to work as an employee in this organization which taught me so much about corporate culture, norms, behavior, values, and strategies. The priority I get there as an employee will be unforgettable. The knowledge I have learned from this organization would help me enough to keep up with the organization's culture and will help me to adapt it quickly in my upcoming future. 

01 August 2022
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