Assignment On The Type Of Person

Who are you? Leader, Innovator, Builder, or Problem Solver? After doing the online career quiz, I was classified as a builder. This was a clear representation of what I truly am because I am very creative and help transform ideas into great innovations. Career Mesh it stated the following, “You have what it takes to be a creative builder in a range of tech career focused on turning great ideas and information into reality…. No technical challenge or mountain of data is too big for the logical talent of a builder. ” These following statements were very true as it described me very accurately. It had stated that we turn great ideas into reality and this is very true because last year in computer engineering we were told to create a railway crossing. Me and my partner thought outside of the box and went above beyond of what was expected. Also, I remember in computer science we were told to make a very challenging code, so I did not let that stop me and I was able to overcome all the challenges that came in my way.

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Overall, I believe I was chosen as a builder because I like to think outside of the box and think creatively. I don’t allow for myself to give up till I have accomplished the task. Also, I try to do the unexpected and go above and beyond of what’s required. Overall, I believe that I clearly represent the characteristics of a Builder.

Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder of the social-networking website, Facebook. My opinion on Mark Zuckerberg is very contradictory. He was a major factor in developing Facebook and making it a very large-scale across the globe. It served as an platform in connecting the world, that was the objective of Mark Zuckerberg. What he did with Facebook was unethical, he worked with individuals like Eduardo Savarin and Winklevoss while working Facebook as a side project. I would be very interested in meeting Mark Zuckerberg and getting to know him.

James Cameron

James Cameron was a famous film director well known for his movies such as Avatar and Terminator. His movies were the breakthrough in the role of technology. He innovated Facial Performance Replacement. With this new technology he was able to modify the actors faces and lips like in avatar. This is just one of the many innovative technologies which he had developed. I would want to meet him in person and discuss his opinions and thoughts on his fascinating ideas and innovations.

After doing this assignment I was able to truly reflect on the type of person I am. As a young individual it is good to know where you stand as it will help me discover my different post-secondary opportunities which lie with my personality type of a builder. Also, this project has given me the opportunity to look at university and college programs which I may want to partake in and the different variety which each program offers. Understanding and having insights towards my specific University/college program will help in the future years when I will be applying for programs this upcoming winter. Therefore, this project has allowed me to explore my opportunities and has given me a better understanding where my future lies.

29 April 2020

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