Avatar: Changes Your Perspective of Life and All of Nature’s Beauty

It is filled with action and other components that make a movie great. It has well-developed characters as well as making them change throughout the movie. It makes the audience reflect on the way they change in their perspective and how we all can change. This made me have a different perspective in the way I see the world.

The author's purpose is to convince the viewer to change the perspective of life and all of nature’s beauty. This is done by putting Jake as an average person and showing how he becomes a hero to a whole tribe. Jake being the protagonist developed in a way of character development. This is a great way to show how all the other characters develop and change in the way they see Jake. The people from the Na’vi bring him into their village and starts to teach him about their culture. The characters in his surroundings start to trust him and even take him to their most prized possession which is the tree. There is a lot of character development in the protagonist as he becomes more mature. As well as the character is so developed, it made us be able to relate with the protagonist.

The call to adventure is when the Na’vi tribe brings Jake into the tribe. As Jake was exploring the forest as an avatar he starts getting attacked by animals. Neytiri comes and saves Jake by killing the animals. After that, you can see the change in perspective and the difference between cultural perspectives. To Neytiri, the animal she killed are still playing a part of an important role in the world and is used as a symbol to show how everything in that world connects to one another. When she kills them, she prays for them and put flowers on top of their bodies showing that they’re still meaningful. On the other hand, Jake seems confused to what she’s doing and why not just leave them there. This changed the way I thought in the form that I started to care more about animals and how they are still living things and how sad it is that we just slaughter them for no reason sometimes.

The threshold is when Jake is shown the culture as well as the tree. This shows how people can change and be grateful. With this scene, I feel like they were going for making the audience be more grateful for nature and its surroundings. This has a lot of meaning to both the tribe and Jake due to the tree been sacred and no one outside the tribe has ever been able to see it. Jake is now more open in the way he sees nature and how it helps provide life to the tribe. I thought this part was really important because it not only showed the trust the Na’vi tribe had for him, but it also showed how someone’s perspective can change. If we want to, we could see the world differently it sure has taught me to appreciate more of the trees and all the animals we have because without it we wouldn’t exist.

The revelation is when he fights with the tribe against his own kind. This is a very important part of the movie because it shows how we can change completely in the way we think and act. Jake goes against his own kind due to him having a different perspective of the Na’vi tribe. In this scene, Jake can teach us how to be more selfless and do what is right for all. He could’ve just gone with his own kind and fought against Na’vi tribe and gotten paid for doing that. Instead of doing that he realizes that the tree is the key element to survival and existence, and he could not be able to do that to the tribe that brought him in. This also showed that we should stand up for what we believe and fight for it even if we're the only ones doing it.

The transformation is when Jake becomes an avatar forever. This part has a lot of symbolism due to Jake actually becoming an avatar. Also, because it shows how people could completely change their life around if they truly want to. It changed my perspective on how we see things because at the end of the day it’s our decision if we want to change our lifestyle.

Jake Sully is a paraplegic former Marine who never had an interest in the Avatar program. After his twin brother is killed, he gets offered to become part of the Avatar Program due to the money that was spent in his twin’s avatar. His military background was an advantage that could help with the RDA plans. He later becomes accepted to the tribe and is taught the culture of the Na’vi Tribe. Later he falls in love with Neytiri and can't harm her in any way. He also becomes the first person from the RDA that get to see the sacred tree due to the tribe’s trust in him. Due to this his perspective changed in the way he saw the tribe and knows that he couldn't do anything to harm them. This shows character development because before he was thinking as a marine. in which his only focus is completing the task but as time goes by, he becomes more attached with the Na’vi tribe. During the battle, he sides with the natives, deciding to protect them and preserve their culture and tradition. Later he has a complete transformation when he becomes an avatar permanently and gives up his human body.

Dr. Grace Augustine is an Exobiologist and head of the Avatar Program where they become avatars. Once Jake gets there, Grace becomes his mentor and teaches him about the Na’vi tribe. She believes that the best way to get what they want is to have a peaceful relationship with the tribe and avoid any violence. She believes that the best way to have a peaceful relationship is by being able to communicate. She soon sets up a school to teach the tribe English. As time progresses the relationships between the Na’vi and the humans become more aggressive and violent. At this point, we can see the character developed due to the choice she takes. Instead of manipulating the tribe to show her the sacred tree, she decides to join Jake and the natives in the fight with the RDA forces. Which later cost her life.

Dr. Norm Spellman is xenoanthropology and also studies the Na’vi culture under the Avatar Program. Jake and he arrives on Pandora at the same time. He also has an avatar that would be his to become part of the tribe. He seems as the perfect person to complete this task due to his intensive background of the Na’vi culture as well as knowing the language. His mission is to establish ties with the Na'vi tribe. He has no understanding of how to get the respect of the tribe due that he isn't much help in making ties with the Na’vi tribe. Jake is a better person for the task because of his background as a marine makes it easier to get the respect and trust of the Na’vi tribe. This makes Norm to be somewhat envious of Jake. His character development is that in the final battle for Pandora, Norm fights with Jake and the Na'vi against the RDA. He is one of the only humans that were allowed to stay in Pandora.

Neytiri is the daughter of the Omaticaya tribe chieftain. As she is hunting in the woods, she sees an avatar, Jake. She is about to kill him but then a wood sprite falls hitting her arrowhead making sparing his life. Later she saves his life when Jake is attacked by viper wolves. She also guides him through the wood as well as teaches him stuff about her culture. She becomes interested in him due to his bravery. Later she falls in love with him and fights alongside him. She has always been a fearless warrior who isn't intimidated by superior technology.

This movie explains how life can be seen in different ways and forms. The viewers can come out of the movie theater with a new perspective in life and cherish the small things. It makes us appreciate more mother nature and all its beauty. I believe that any movie that can make you change your perspective or give you a new perspective is worth watching.

This movie also has well character development, it shows how we will defend what is right. I don’t know does it gives us a new perspective of nature, but it also shows is that we are strong and that we should stand up for what we believe. It also makes us believe in humanity, due to the fact that Jake decided to side with the tribe and help them to do what’s right. This movie has lots of teaching moments in which the audience could take in and later applied to their life. It showed us to care for and cherish the most minimal thing in life.

I chose this movie out of all the movies I’ve watched because I believe it has a strong message. It also makes the viewers reflect on the way they live and give them a new perspective. And helps people understand how important nature is and how we should cherish it. When I watched it for the first time, my perspective in nature changed drastically. Know I try to take care of mother nature and make sure to advise other people to do the same. It also made me want to fight for what I believe is right and always be proud of my culture and my heritage. The Na’vi tribe was proud of its culture even if it was different and I feel like that’s something I had to embrace more. I’ve truly believed this movie has shaped me in a way and I would love for more people to watch it and see the world in a different perspective.

29 April 2022
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