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Batman Or Bruce Wayne: The Character Description

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Batman or Bruce wayne fits every step from a hero’s journey. He is an ordinary man by day but a superhero by night. He does not have any powers but he knows many types of fighting styles. He is very rich which allows him to acquire weapons and vehicles no ordinary person can afford. He defends his city from thugs and gangs. Bruce wayne lost his parents when he was a young child. They were shot and killed right in front of him. This terrible memory would help Bruce discover what he is meant for. With his parents gone the family business fell into his hands. The business was very successful and gave him more money than he knew what to do with. Because his business was so successful he paid people to run it. With all the extra time on his hands he traveled the world or stayed at his mansion. This fits an Ordinary world because this is what bruce did before his adventure began.

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Bruce heard the man who killed his parents is up for parole and becomes furies with rage and anger. He planned on killing the man when he walked out of the court but a thug beat him to it. He knew he could not get revenge on the man who killed his parents but he still wanted to do something. This fits a call to adventure because this is what gets Bruce Wayne to become batman. While Bruce was training in many different places he is challenged with many tasks. He has to learn to learn many different styles of fighting, He must learn to blend with his surroundings and much more.

The final task he is faced with is to take the life of a farmer. He refused to do it. He knew if he killed the farmer he would be no better than the people he is trying to stop. This fits with refusal of the call because he had to second guess himself when he was challenged with his last task. When bruce returns to Gotham he immediately wants to start cleaning up the streets. He meets a man named Fox who works for bruce. Fox shows all the weapons and vehicles that his company has made but never sold due to the price. This fits meeting the mentor because Bruce meets Fox who gives him the equipment he needs to become Batman.

Bruce is finally ready to start cleaning up the streets. He hears there’s supposed to be a drug drop off and he knows the cops won’t do anything because they are corrupt. When he shows up he sees a few men unloading drugs into a container. He stealthily sneaks in and attacks them. He stops the men just as the cops show up so he has to flee the scene. This fits Crossing the threshold because its his first adventure. Bruce finds out the drugs the thugs have been bringing in they were putting into the city’s water. Now most of the city is drugged and going crazy. He stops the thugs from putting more drugs into the water and the cops show up. The cops don’t know Batman is trying to help them so they try to go after him as well. This fits tests, allies and enemies because now Batman has to do something about the drugs in the water while being hunted by the cops and thugs.

All of Gotham is now falling apart and the people are going crazy because of the the drugs. Prisoners are on the losses and thugs are roaming the streets. Batman must now go out into the city where not only the thugs will try and kill him but so will the crazy drugged up people. This fits in with approach to the inmost cave because Batman has not been faced with this much danger yet. Everyone is after him and is trying to kill him.

Batman make his ways to Ra’s al ghul who is the thug leader. He is trying to get to wayne tower on a train but Batman must stop him. Batman had a policeman destroy the end of the track so the train would not make it. He had the chance to kill Ra’s but didn’t because of his original belief. He jumped out of the train and flew away and let Ras die. This fits with Ordeal and resurrection because it is Batman’s hardest fight and the last fight. Now that Ra’s is dead and the thugs are gone Bruce can let go of being the Batman. His childhood friend Rachel shows up and they end up together. After all Bruce’s hard work he can finally relax. This fits with reward because he ends up with the girl he always wanted.

The last thing Bruce needs to do before he can go back to his normal life is seal up the cave that he fell into as a kid. The cave is the reason he decided to be Batman. Once he seals it up he can forget about the past and focus on his future. This fits with the road back because it’s the last thing he needed to do to move on with his life. Now batman is done with his adventure. He saved Gotham and its people. He will have to rebuild his mansion which was burned down during all the chaos. This fits with Return with the elixir because Bruce is now back to his normal life. He can forget about Batman and start working on himself.

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11 February 2020

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