Beowulf VS Batman: Exploring the Archetypal Heroic Traits

A hero is someone who posseses great strength, moral ethics, and fights evil that comes their way. These heroic qualities were stapels during the 6th century when the hero Beowulf was created and they are still stapels in the modern world.

Differences and similarities can be seen between Beowulf and modern epic hero’s like Batman.

Both Batman and Beowulf are mortal men who posses great strength. Although Beowulf’s strength is more physical than Batman in a general case, Batman can rebuttle with his strength in intelligence and use of modern weaponry. One example of Beouwulf’s strength is when he ripped off the creature Grendel’s arm and then evetually killing the creature and it’s mother. Batman also shows his strengths. One occasion is in The Dark Knight Rises, when Batman has to use his quick wit to get rid of a bomb that was set to blow up Gotham city.

Batman and Beowulf both have some basic moral ethics. Batman usually does not kill his enemies, he tries to give them a second chance to turn their ways. His eithics do not endugle murder if nescissary. Although Beowulf has killed more of his enimies than Batman has, Beowulf does not glrify death as a sense of morality.

Another trait they share is their snese to protect others agaisnt evil forces. Beowulf even travels from Geatland to Herot to aid King Hrothgar in defeating Grendel. After defeating Grendel he decides to go and kill Grendel’s mother. He even slayes her on his own without the aid of Hrothgar’s army. Beowulf did this because although the Herot’s are not his people, he has a sense of justice and morality that only a hero would possese. Batman also has a simialr case to Beowulf’s battle with the creatures. Altough Gotham is his city, he personally did not have any threats but because Gotham and it’s people are his home, he feels the need to protect it all.

Batman and Beowulf also have some differences. For instance, Batman does not want people to idolize him and shower him with gifts and awards, hence why he masks his identiy from most people except for his close allies. Beowulf on the other hand seems to feed off of the praise from people, and does not shy away from gifts presented to him. Like how he became king of Geatland after defeating Grendel and its mother.

Another difference they have is their physical appearence. Beowulf is very muscualr and “ideal” looking. He has long blonde hair and a beard and does not hide his identity from society. According to the poem, he is often in the nude during his battles. Batman, although fit, is not as beastly as Beowulf is. Batman is often portrayed as ruggedly handsome and he is, like mentioned earlier, usually hidng himself under his body armour.

Although Beowulf and Batman have different backgrounds and tactics, they both fit into the ideal of a great hero. They protect their people, are selfless, courageous, fight evil and have moral conduct.

10 October 2020
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