Bill Gates: A Person To Admire

Bill Gates made a major impact on our society and the future of it as well. His innovative ideas brought about one of the most powerful technology companies that offered hardware and software. Mr. Gates is known for his good business skills and was quoted as saying, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. His work ethic, customer friendly skills, innovative products, and passion for learning have made him the billionaire he is today.

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955, in Seattle Washington. His parents are William Gates Sr. , a now, retired lawyer and Mary Gates a businesswoman. He is one of three children; the only boy. Bill Gates Sr. shared his love of reading with his son. His favorite thing to do as a child was to read. Bill Gates Jr. went to college at Harvard University and dropped out to create and start the Microsoft business. He returned to college to get an honorary law degree years later. After co-founding Microsoft, Bill Gates created the most commonly used operating system called Windows which is used in businesses as well as on home computers daily. With his accomplishments of Microsoft and Windows came new innovative electronics, operating systems, and gaming systems that would not be here if it wasn’t for Bill Gates. Microsoft office was created which is used by offices, colleges, and schools daily. The programs offered on office make life more simple. Excel spreadsheets help with lists and math; Word documents are used for writing and editing; PowerPoint is used for presentations, and Publisher is used for making cards, brochures, and much more. The creation of Windows made new cell phones that used Windows operating system. Microsoft is also responsible for one of the most popular gaming systems today; Xbox.

Bill Gates inherited his father’s love for reading and was serious about reading and education. His father and him both volunteered often to read to children at different schools. Bill Gates also created scholarships to help students attend college who may not be able to afford to. He promoted education but also felt that failure was sometimes more important than success. Bill Gates was quoted as saying “It’s fine to celebrate success, but more important to heed the lessons of failure”. Mr. Gates and his wife opened a foundation. The have donated billions of dollars of their own money to the foundation and raised money other ways as well. The foundation is to help people in poverty stricken countries, third world countries to receive good health care and to fight poverty. Mr. and Mrs. Gates travel to different countries to take medicines and administer immunizations to children who many not get them otherwise. They are often seen in foreign countries holding babies, feeding them, playing with them, giving their time to help others.

There has been some talk that Mr. Gates is not being completely honest with his foundation. Some people believe that his foundation is funded by big medical corporations. Mr. Gates has been accused of being paid by medicine companies to administer immunizations to children in foreign countries so that they can test the drugs out on these children instead of the children here in the United States. This accusation may seem believable to some but Mr. Gates denies it. There is no evidence to say if it is really true but it makes his good deeds seem sketchy for many.

The positive changes that Bill Gates has made to modern technology are amazing. The products that are a result of his operating systems have changed the way we see computers and phones. The way we keep records, the way we save our work in school and in the real world at work, have been made easier thanks to Mr. Gates. He has shared his love for reading and how it ties into his success; promoting a positive influence for continued education and the importance of reading. Mr. Gates and his wife have donated tons of money and time to help under-priveleged children in poor countries become and stay healthy. Even though some are skeptical of Mr. Gates sincerity, everything he has contributed to our society has made a big, positive change that will help our country stay advanced in technology and will make our life more simple, up-to-date, and even fun. Bill Gates is someone I truly admire and inspire to be like.

10 October 2020
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