Biography Of Freddie Mercury And His Musical Career

The British music star Farrokh Bulsara otherwise known as Freddie Mercury was the frontman of the rock band group called Queen. He garnered much fame courtesy of his flamboyant on-stage appearance and his wonderful voice. In addition to being the lead singer of the group, Freddie is also a music producer and songwriter. His music group is well-known for their popular hit songs including Killer Queen; We Are the Champions and Don’t Stop Me Now, just to mention a few.

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Biography of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was born as Farrokh Bulsara on September 5, 1946; his birth took place in Stone Town, Sultanate of Zanzibar. The star spent his early years in Zanzibar and India before moving to England with his family. He had a sister named Kashmira with whom he was raised.Developing an interest in music at a young age, Freddie began taking piano classes when he was seven years old. He received his basic education at St Peter’s School situated in Panchgani near Mumbai. He formed a youth band known as The Hectics along with his other schoolmates; at the time he was twelve years old. Soon after his graduation, Freddie further attended Ealing Art College where he obtained a diploma certificate in Art and Graphic Design.

During his college days, Mercury met his future bandmates Brian May who is a guitarist and Roger Taylor who is a drummer. The trio joined a group called Ibex which he became the lead vocalist in 1969. Subsequently, in 1971, they formed a four-man band group called Queen. However, the members of the band include John Deacon, Freddie, Brian May, and Roger Taylor.

His Musical Career

The Queen Band group launched their first studio album which they titled We Are the Champions in 1973. They also released two more albums including their hit track titled Killer Queen. The song was released in 1974 and it debuted at No 2 on the UK music chart as well as No 12 in the United States. The following year, Mercury and his group launched their song titled A Night at the Opera which ranked among the Top 10 hit singles in the US and Britain.

Interestingly, Freddie wrote ten out of the 17 greatest hits of his group including Bicycle race, Seven Seas of Rhye, and Somebody to Love, among others. Freddie Mercury was also famous for his life performances and his audience engagment. He participated in several musical concerts. Some of his most memorable performances include The Works in 1984, Mr Bad Guy in 1985, and Barcelona in 1988, among others.

How Did He Die?

While Freddie Mercury was advancing to the peak of his music career; the amazing singer was diagnosed with HIV/AIDs in April 1987. The diagnoses took place at Harley Street Clinic and when the media began to spread the news of Freddie’s deteriorating health, he outrightly denied it. Subsequently, he appeared at the Brit Awards held in 1990 looking pale and worn out. He performed his last work (These are the Days of Our Lives) with the Queen in June 1991 after which he moved to his abode in Kensington, West London.

During his final days, Freddie began to lose his sight, his health condition deteriorated that he couldn’t get out of bed at some point. While his situation grew worse, Freddie, on the other hand, stopped taking his medication in a bid to hasten his death. Freddie later released a press statement concerning his health status on November 23, 1991, and a few hours later; he gave up the ghost. Interestingly, his former partner Mary Austin took care of him until his demise. Freddie willed majority of his wealth to Mary including his mansion at Logan Place.After his death, it was disclosed that the main cause of his death was bronchial pneumonia which he suffered as a result of AIDS. Freddie’s funeral service was held at West London Crematorium on November 27, 1990

Was He Gay?

Mercury with his partner HuttonFreddie Mercury has always hidden his sexual orientation from everyone including the media. This aroused so much suspicion among his fans who thought he was gay. At the time, his flamboyant appearances and performances made people believe he was truly gay. Also, when he is not performing, the singer often visits a gay club or bar at night and he had a gay partner named Jim Hutton.

Although Freddie had a partner Mary Austin with whom he had a long-term relationship; his relationship with Mary abruptly came to an end when he revealed his orientation to Mary. He had several affairs with other gay partners including Kenny EverettBeing a very private person, Freddie never aligned himself with any political group or LGBT Community. During the late ’60s, homosexuality was so much discriminated in the UK and Freddie would often distance himself from his partner Hutton while at public places and events. Bottom line is that Freddie Mercury was gay.

03 December 2019

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