Bob Marley And Fight Against Oppression

Individuals under oppression become aware of and critique oppressive systems that restrict humans to live in a state of passiveness and acceptance. The song “Get Up Stand Up” by Bob Marley was influenced by the upbringing in Jamaica, where they had to fight for respect and acceptance. The lyrics of this song relates to the struggles and inequality of society today which is why it is an anthem that people today should listen to.

Bob Marley wrote this song because he did not believe what he was being told by the various religions at the time, they all imposed their man made beliefs on the people in order to gain control over them. He wrote this song about the fight for acceptance of their Rastafarian religion and the need to take action to avoid oppression. He is describing a place where there is hate and fear, and that people believe someone or something will come about and hopefully change it. Bob Marley suggests for people to think on their own for what is morally right instead of following the status quo. The intent of this song is to encourage people of color to stand up for their rights because they are being pushed down.

Music has a way of affecting people and giving hope and expressing emotions to the audience. It is a constant thing that people can admire and it can be influential. Bob Marley mentions how “if you know what life is worth, you will look for yours on earth” they don't know what their lives are worth because they have no way of changing or improving their lifestyle. In this song he is someone who appears to speak for the people. This song influenced people to raise and stand up and fight for their rights. Bob Marley used this as an outlet to encourage oppressed people to recognize and embrace their inner divinity. It is an empowering song that impacts generations to come.

The song “Get Up Stand Up” relates to how society is today because people are still fighting for equality. A certain set of religious teachings are considered to be inferior to others who accept a state or majority religion. Immigrants are not allowed to participate in the political process and are not protected by the laws that apply to citizens. They can be forced to work for low wages and are denied basic services such as access to food and health care. While many actions have been taken for the civil rights movement, a person of color today still faces injustice with law enforcement. Its influence can be seen today by an organization called Playing for Change. Although Bob Marley has passed away, his kids, Skip and Cadella Marley, continue the legacy of this song by raising money for social justice for underserved communities all across the globe with “Get Up and Stand Up” as its anthem.

Individuals under oppression become aware of and critique oppressive systems that restrict humans to live in a state of passiveness and acceptance. Bob Marley wanted to take action and he did it with a song to fight against oppression. He wanted to keep spirits high for the people so they would not lose hope of their goal. Writing this song gives people the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

07 July 2022
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