"Captain Underpants": Kids Short Story About Harmless Pranks

The book starts off with 2 kids in school named George and Harold introducing to the class a fun harmless prank with diagrams. It is called a “squishy” and they also demonstrate it, You put ketchup packets on a toilet seat, and when someone sits on down to use the toilet the ketchup splatters everywhere. The whole class thought it was a cool idea except for one kid, Melvin Sneedly, He is very smart. He shows the class a new machine he created where it mixes 2 things and converts them into one he also demonstrates it using a hamster and a robot when he turns on the machine the hamster and the robot mix into one now that hamster is a bionicle hamster. The boys put “squishy’s” in the principles toilet and when he sits it splatters on him he looks for the people who did this and in his mind he already know who it was, George and Harold. Melvin snitches and says who did it so George and Harold get in trouble. George and Harold make a comic book about Melvin where he becomes the mayor of the city and the comic makes fun of him because he has a lot of rules Melvin doesn’t like this idea and daydreams about making a giant robot and destroying the city. George and Harold mind control Mr. Krupp in other words Captain underpants into saving the day once again. One of my favorite lines in this book is when Harold says “I think we just adopted a bionic hamster” I really like this quote because it is very unique and not something you'll find in any other book, also because it shows that Harold is not afraid to take up any challenge that comes towards his way.

Another one of my Favorite quotes is from Mr. Krupp “ahhhhhh!” but the meaning behind it is why I like it. It shows how grumpy and mad he always is and when something goes wrong he knows there is only two people to blame George and Harold no matter what. Harold and George are the main characters I don’t think that one is more important than another because they’re nothing without each other. George and Harold are very positive and always happy they always look for fun and positive solutions and usually think about their actions.

George and Harold are good people because they knew that they couldn’t be superheroes so they mind controlled someone and made them think they were a superhero. Some people may think that's bad because their mind controlling Someone without their permission but also their saving a lot of people’s lives by giving him superpowers and making him believe he really is a superhero. Saving people from bad guys is a good think and they definitely have their minds in the right place but the way they execute this idea is not all that good. Mr. Krupp is being mind-controlled into thinking he is a superhero. He is known as the superhero named Captain Underpants a caped crusader in underwear. He fights Melvin in a giant robot suit and saved the day. in conclusion this is a okay book I think it needed more story from Melvin and thought it would be cool to see Melvin’s side of things. I would recommend this book to people who don’t have a lot of time and just want to read a book.

This book is short but really fun and creative and knows how to make boring situations into fun situations for the readers.

03 December 2019
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