Breaking Bad Show: Focused on the Actual Events

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Breaking Bad is a TV show that has been made in Albuquerque New Mexico which focuses on the life of Walter White who is a school science teacher who is trying to make ends meet. Being diagnosed with cancer he decides to go against the law and become a key player in the methamphetamine drug trade. Various events which the character goes through in his life as a drug manufacturer and trader is shown.

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The main purpose of this TV series is to entertain viewers as various breath-taking events are shown which the character goes through. A number of shows have been produced on the topic of drugs such as Narcos, Orange is the New Black, Snowfall, etc. but these TV shows are highly focused on the actual events or showing real-life events. The plot of breaking bad has been shown in an interesting pattern where Walter initially entered such trade was because he was dying and wanted to leave something behind for his family. It is also quite different in nature as it shows how a common school teacher of science turned to this illegal activity and got so addicted that he could not leave it to the very end until heat caught on forcing him to go into hiding. Such a plot has not been seen in other TV series and is quite interesting in nature. From this, it can be said that the director was able to compose both an interesting and informative plot for viewers in the TV series.

A number of key characters could be seen moving about in the show but it mainly revolved around Walter and his sidekick Jessie who helped him get in the methamphetamine business in the first place. Both characters were quite interesting in nature as they had their own personalities. Jessie was used to this illegal trade of drugs for which he used to do things his own way roughly. On the other hand, Walter had his own professional way of doing things taking up a certain level of professionalism. Transition can be seen in the nature of character from beginning to the end as Walter seemed like a man of ethics in the start but later on could be seen taking up a darker side such as orchestrating the death of a large number of inmates in order to avoid being caught. The audience is expected to understand the emotions that the characters are going through and place the reasons for which they did so.

Most of the scenes shown in the movie are outdoor where the setting is shown is of broad daylight where music and environment is kept according to the mood of the scene. The setting was quite accurate according to the mood of the scene which left a strong impression in mind of viewers. The last scene with his wife was particularly interesting as the mood setout was routine where the audience expected he would say that same thing again that he did everything for his family but instead confessed that he had gotten addicted to this activity and felt alive doing it. Such confession was a turning point of the show as it explains a series of actions that was taken by main character. Environmental factors could be seen as missing needed effects in certain areas such as when the main characters were working in the lab, where little effort was made for proper lighting.

In conclusion, Breaking bad is a must-see show, it always has managed to keep me on my feet and trying to predict what might happen next. Not only are the scenes in it so tense but also the plot twists are the most unexpected and have never failed to astonish me, furthermore making me unbelievably impatient for the next seasons. The TV show clearly shows the range of traumatic events which he had to face that led to him being the way he is. Such plot presented in the movie can be seen strongly resembling that of Breaking Bad as the audience is encouraged to understand the emotions which the character is going through and why he is behaving in such a manner.  

29 April 2022

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