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Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, a Russian novelist. His two major novels, War and Peace and Anna Karenina, are widely regarded as the empirical literature’s summit. Recurrently, he has been mentioned as the best novelist ever published and is thus a leading writer on this list. He is one of Russian literature’s two giants. Dostoyevsky, the other giant, said that he was the best of all living newsmen. Reading War and Peace, the French giant, Gustave Flaubert, exclaimed: ‘What a psychologist and what an author! ‘The British poet and letterman, Matthew Arnold, wrote: ‘Tolstoy’s novel is not a work of art, but a lifetime.’ The War and Peace novel is often considered one of the greatest or biggest novels ever written. It is beautiful for its dramatic scale and harmony. It is a vast canvas of 580 characters, antique characters such as Napoleon and Alexander of Russia, and fictitious characters. The story is set up in the family quarters, the Napoleon camp, the Russian Royal Court, and Austerlitz and Borodino’s battlefields. The book discusses the insignificance of Napoleon and Alexander. Tolstoy tries in his novels to represent precisely the Russian culture in which he lived. Anna Karenina, a woman, caught in social convention and falsehood and a philosophic landowner who works in this field in partnership with the peasants and wishes to transform their lives, is the story of an adulterous woman. Of necessity, Toystoy’s influence on subsequent writers was immense.

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In contrast, however, the trajectory of history has been influenced. Tolstoy wrote a letter to the Hindu in 1908 describing his belief of non-violence as a way of being independent of British colonial control in India. Gandhi read a translation of the text as a lawyer in South Africa and became an activist. Tolstoy’s letter was the most important to him. Tolstoy has been written, contributing to further correspondence. Tolstoy’s influence prompted Gandhi to support a passive opposition, an independent solution to India.


War and Peace, written in 1860 by Leo Tolstoy on the Russian Napoleonic Wars, is a work of historical fiction. The epic novel began in July 1805. Russia and its allies, The United Kingdom, Austria, and Sweden, seek to prevent Napoleon’s spread from France. It is divided into two epilogues and four novels where Tolstoy also introduced several strong characters in Book One. Pierre Bezukhov is the illegitimate son of the aristocrat who will not remember him. The government and its policies have also criticized Pierre. He is still partying, drinking, and playing. In these gatherings, Pierre spends time with Anatole Kurgagin, Fedya Dolokhov, and Prince Andrew. It is Prince Andrew who is defending the elites. There is also the Rostov family. You are going to get Natasha, the birthday of your youngest daughter. Pierre’s father, on his deathbed, finally remembered Pierre and declared him heir to his fortune. He is married to Helene Kuragin, the sister of Anatole. Prince Andrew, meanwhile, was leaving to fight Napoleon during the battle, and he leaves behind his pregnant wife and stays with Prince Andrew’s father and sister, Mary. Prince Andrew was wounded and reportedly executed at the end of Book One. In Rostov’s family, Natash Nicholas’ brother finds it difficult to fool an officer in his place, so he flees the battle. Book Two continues the dream to marry Nicholas Rostov, his cousin Sonya. Her family, however, is not going to make the game like Rostov’s loss of money. 

There is much gossip about Pierre’s wife, Helene, having a Dolokhov affair, so Pierre duels and hurts Dolokhov. Pierre heads from Dolokhov to the inn to locate someone interested in freemasonry. Pierre joins a secret society to help humanity by masonry, leaves it, and gives up his estate. In the meanwhile, Prince Andrew’s wife died at birth. She has a boy, and Prince Andrew returns the same day. It is on the same day. Retained from the duel of Pierre, Dolokhov asks Sonya to marry him. Nicolas succeeds in persuading her to encourage him to do so, but he does not. Due to the worsening finances of the family, Nicholas receives 2 000 rubles of allowance. During his gaming, he lost 43,000 to Dolokhov, having his family sell land to pay off his debt. 

Both are done by Pierre and Prince Andrew for their servants. Pierre releases them, and Prince Andrew establishes economic strategies so that they can gain liberty. In 1808, a settlement was found where Pierre and Prince Andrew, along with the Freemasons and the militia, are disenchanted. One year later, they both love Natasha. They are seventeen years old. Prince Andrew insists; however, his father disagrees. He has been waiting for a year to marry, and that the army declines to consent until that. Nicholas’ mother, meanwhile, convinced him not to marry Sonya—instead of a wealthy bride. Natasha needs to elope with him before she reveals his presence to a Polish woman in secret. Prince Andrew is breaking his vow to Natasha, and she is going to kill herself. Anatole is getting away. Luckily, she survived, and Pierre confessed his love after that. In 1812, the war had returned, and the French army had invaded Russia. Tolstoy writes here from the point of view of Napoleon and Tsar Alexander. When the French approach the estate of Prince Andrew’s father, Mary tries to free all the servants not to be killed by the French but finds it an initiative to throw them away and revolt them. Nicholas arrives and saves her, and in the end, he falls in love with her. 

The French defeats the Russians in Borodino. The city has to be evacuated, with Moscow as the focus of Napoleon. Natasha calls for her family’s cars to hold injured soldiers; Andrew, Natasha’s pardon, is one of them. Pierre is attempting to destroy Napoleon in Moscow so that the French can capture him. He spares a man’s life, earns food and drinks prizes, and forgets about the assassination plans. After saving a child from a burning home, a French soldier is assaulted and arrested by Pierre to escape assaulting a woman. Pierre’s wife died while in prison in the fourth and final novel. Mary and Natasha are turning their attention to Prince Andrew, but he has gone. Russian General Kutuzov led the forces in an assault towards the French escaping. Pierre and Natasha comfort and fall in love over their losses.

29 April 2022

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