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Creative thinking skills is the ability that is possessed by all human beings and it flourishes with the experiences and environment in which we live. Creative thinking skills have strategic values in 21st century. The National Qualification Framework for higher education as a high considers creative thinking skills, which focus on developing student’s skill. During the recent years, creative thinking and creativity become one of important skills to be obtain to adopt with rapid changes of globalization. Creative thinking skills are define as skills required on almost all subjects.

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Creative thinking skills are the ability of a person to use his thinking to invent new things, new ideas, and develop the ideas more detail, based on originality during acquisition process. The result of such thoughts can be given as either real or abstract ideas. By considering the sub dimension of creative thinking skills, student can evaluate an event based on various point of view, show the ability to adapt to changeable situation and develop the perspective on a variety of levels of thinking’s. Creative thinking skills can be create through divergent thinking stages. The stages of creative thinking process are preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification or evaluation.

Creativity because of creative thinking process was acknowledge as an important role to boost innovation and as a main factor to develop person’s competency. Creativity is mostly used broadly a considered as a skill, like ‘creative thinking’ or ‘creative problem solving’ . Creativity can be empowered through teacher training and learning environment which encourage questions, open-minded to ideas, and readiness to learn from mistakes and failures . Studies on creative thinking measurement have not been conducting much.

Everyone has some capabilities of being creative . Over the past fifty years, creativity has been researching repeatedly . Research shows that creativity can mean quantity equals quality . It is said that the more quantity of ideas you have the better the quality of the solution. In addition, much research has been studying small influences that could increase creativity. Creativity involves fluency and flexibility of thinking, personality, and perceptiveness of problems, originality, redefining and elaborating. Creativity has found to be a key component of everyday life. The average adults thinks of three to six alternatives for a given situation where a child would think of sixty solutions.

Teaching creativity in school can help in the long run by increasing children’s problem solving skills, which will lead them to successful adulthood where they can then take information and analysis it in a constructive manner.

29 April 2022

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