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Causes And Effects Of Flash Floods In Venice

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A flood is an emission of water that covers land that is usually dry. Floods are among Earth`s most common and devastating natural disaster. Some floods can occur unexpectedly, others take days or even months to build and discharge. A flash flood is a rapid flooding of areas close to the surface. In the end of 2018, this natural disaster chooses Venice as its target, a city of Italy. Venice is known as the city on water, and it perfectly represents its name since the city is made on top of the water, on top of lagoons. It is the main attraction point of Italy. Every year Venice floods 4 times covering around 30% of land, but this year something unexpected happened when the city had to handle a high tide covering 70% of cities land; moreover, the city also had to issue crisis level warning to the citizens, and the tourists. The main and foremost cause of the flooding in Venice is due to many reasons. Sea level rise is because of two main reasons related to global warming: the added water from melting ice sheets and glaciers and expansion of seawater as it warms. “Low pressure system from northern Africa brings warm air into Italy, and since we’re getting into the cooler season, there was some cool air in the north of Italy, and that helps to produce those stronger thunderstorms” Kelly said. Venice’s location on Italy’s north eastern coast has already left it vulnerable to the effects of sea-level rise from climate change. The average water height has increased by 9 inches from 1897, 40% attributes to the polar ice melting, according to polar ice melting.

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Animals and insects are at risk because of flooding, the overflow of water on land can effect their hibernation routine, prevent them from finding food, and even make them drown in the flood water. In area that has more human population, flooding can be harmful to the surrounding ecosystem, as human contamination can become a big issue in transferring chemicals or pollution to water bodies. The instant effect of flooding is loss of human life, damage to property, non-functioning of infrastructure facilities. The communication links and infrastructure such as power plants, roads, and bridges are damaged, economic activities come to halt, resulting in instability of normal life for the duration much beyond the period of flooding. (APFM) Damage to infrastructure also causes long-term impacts, such as disruptions to clean water and electricity, transport, communication, education and health care. The high cost of relief and recovery may adversely impact investment in infrastructure and other development activities in the area and in certain cases may cripple the frail economy of the region. (APFM) Ineffective response to relief operations during major flood events may lead to public discontent or loss of trust in the authorities or the state and national governments. The main income of some cities is their historic ornaments, which get damaged by the floods. This may result reduction in tourism, which can lead to the economy failing. Rome (CNN) reported, the enormous St. Mark’s Square on Monday was filled with water 5 feet tall, and hid the ancient marble floors in St. Mark’s Basilica. ‘In a single day, the basilica aged 20 years, but perhaps this is an optimistic consideration,’ Carlo Alberto Tesserin, head of the board responsible for St. Mark’s Basilica, said in a statement. Tourists and residents struggled through the waist high water, while the shops and restaurants were invaded by water as their barriers couldn’t hold back the rising tide. The shopkeepers used baskets to removes water from their shops.

The city is sinking because of constant floods and the rising sea level, people of the city are worried that the city will be finished before the upcoming century. The country is doing its best to save the sinking city from upcoming floods in the future, in 2003 Italy started making huge flood barriers configured to isolate the venetian lagoon. The project is also known as Mose, it is one of the biggest civil engineering undertaking in the world, the construction cost also very high and recently went up to $6. 3 billion. Venice has questioned the barrier’s stability in the face of rising sea levels. Both environmental groups and the EU Commission have also expressed concern that construction would pollute the local habitat. Trees, grass and bushes should be planted to protect the land from moving water causing erosion. Areas close to sea level should be encouraged to plant more vegetation to break the power of moving water. Detention basins are small reserves to store flood water and is connected to waterways. It can minimise the impact of flood. Retaining walls, dams or retention ponds should be constructed to hold extra water during the time of flash flooding. Flooding is one of the most common disasters of the world. It means the land is filled with excessive water due to many reasons concerning the weather and this has deadly consequences, such as loss of life, destruction of infrastructure that may lead to loss of huge amounts of money due to reconstruction and major loss of hope, similar things have happened in Venice which is a city made on top of lagoons, many centuries back. , but in recent years many human actions has led to sinking and flooding of Venice more than ever. Venice usually floods 30% but this year the water covered almost 75%. T

here are many reasons for the flood but the main cause of this flooding is due to the rising sea level, and the alarming increase in global warming. the impacts of this flooding is deadly killing 11 people as reported by CNN Rome. The city is trying its best to save the historical monuments and the city, but the reports of the guardians suggests that the city is failing to save itself. The mose is a project that was made in the hope of saving this city from getting flood but due to the immense corruption faced by the city the project keeps on getting delayed, making matters worse.

10 December 2020

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