Causes And Effects Of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

There is nothing wrong with being concerned about our appearance. Everyone likes to look good every once in a while. However, there is a such thing as being too concerned about oneself. Narcissism is a personality disorder which makes you feel self-centered and makes you fall in love with yourself deeply. A narcissistic person has characteristics of being bossy, selfish, cocky, and arrogant. People that have narcissism believe that they are better than anyone else and they have not don’t anything wrong. They often tend to exaggerate and lie about things they have done just for credit. When friends or family are around them they will brag about their life, how good their relationship is and how they are achieving so much.

Narcissism can cause someone not to have as many friends and will also make family depart from you. The reason for that is because they will show symptoms which is having attitudes, taking advantage, and special treatments. There are also worse symptoms when someone criticizes them. It causes them to get angry, have problems, feel shame, and makes them feel insecure about yourself. Women do not usually get this get this disorder because it is commonly found in men. The percentage of men being diagnosed with this disorder is 50 to 75 percent. Many men get this disorder through biology and genetic factors between the ages of 19-40 years old. This disorder can last some years or it can be a lifelong disorder. Narcissism can cause a lot of problems in relationships, friendships, and society. Narcissism causes problems in relationships because it can get abusive and cause many arguments constantly. Some of the things that your spouse would say is “you are doing something I do not like right now”. This would cause abuse to each other because of how angry the narcissistic spouse is. Another sign of an abusive narcissistic relationship is sympathy is barely being shown and when it is being shown it only lasts for a limited amount of time. Having a friend that is narcissistic is complicated because you would want a friend that encourages you and lifts you up. Instead this narcissistic friend will say bad things about you and make you feel like you are not good enough. Narcissism affects the society because the narcissist people are mad at the world because of the things that are not complete.

Having someone who does not have narcissism talk to someone who does will help them better with their disorder but not cure it. Talk therapy is also called psychotherapy and it helps narcissistic people with relating to other people better and makes their relationship more intimate. As narcissistic people go to psychotherapy responsibly they will accept real relationships and they will have a higher ability to understand better. Being defensive makes it hard for them to see problems because of the way their personality relates to others. Short sessions of therapy can help manage stress and help prevent having a crisis. There are also plenty of home remedies that can be dont to prevent from going to see a psychotherapist. One of the remedies are keeping a mind set of goals and to think of the positive outcomes. The last remedy is getting rid of all bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.

 Being all about yourself does not mean you have narcissism, you can be all about yourself and not have to have this disorder. You can look good every once in a while and do not have to be too concerned about yourself just know how to control yourself when you do. 6.2% of the people in the United States have narcissism. 7.7% are men and 4.8% are women, most of them are young adults between the age of 20-34 years old than other adults. Most of the relationships that have narcissism are either single or divorced. The single ones have a 9.6% and he divorced or separated are 7.3%. People in the community can help with the awareness by helping reach out to them by having open conversations by hosting a meeting or get together. Another way is to have an open hotline to anyone that is having an issue at the moment or have any questions or concerns that they would like to get off their chest. Common quote you should keep in mind is “Stay away from the people who make you feel like you a hard to love”.

01 February 2021
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