Cesar Chavez – A Role Model For Many People All Over The World

The 6th U.S president John Quincy Adams once said 'If you actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” In other words, a leader is about helping out others and making them a better version of themselves. Someone who motivates them and help them have the courage to make tough decisions. This is exactly what Cesar Chavez was to the working class (mostly farm workers). Also to those who would get paid very little which are the underpaid workers, a role model. As a result of that he obtained and continues to gain support from people all over the world. He was one who spread the significance of peace and egalitarianism around the world.

It all started when the farm his family owned was lost during the Great Depression. The Chavez family became migrant farm workers, there Cesar witnessed the injustice the people would experience daily. That’s when him, Dolores Huerta and Philip Vera Cruz founded the United Farm Workers, though Vera Cruz doesn’t get enough credit. Once, people found out what they were up to the united with them from all over the world not just in Arizona. The United Farm Workers was mainly for the farmers to get equally paid and treated as other workers. They started off by having peaceful marches and strikes also speeches but once violence broke out Chavez himself began a fast. The purpose of this was so that the violence would stop and the union would still be able to continue.

Cesar Chavez is important to everyone all over the world, people look up to him for the things he’s done, and the way he has done it. When you think of the word boycott the first thing that comes to mind is Cesar Chavez, ask anyone. He inspired many people across the world. The chairman of the Cesar Chavez Foundation confessed that, “his faith in people inspired them to believe they could overcome overwhelming odds.” Which is true because throughout the world there are many people who still don’t get paid enough. So, they get together and boycott or protest just like Chavez did. The positive affect on that is that they are peaceful and no harm is being made. Unlike those who were inspired by Adolf Hitler and organized the Unite the Right Rally, more than 30 people were injured and about 3 people died. 

09 March 2021
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