Changes In America During The Westward Expansion

The title of this essay is Westward Expansion. That is the westward expansion of America to be exact. It is common knowledge that when these great states were founded, everything went west from there. In 1860 only the east coast was inhabited by the 13 original colonies. From there rail roads were built and cities were established. As treaties were made and land was purchased the newly acquisitioned area started to become inhabited Americans migrating west. This essay is to see how the country changed between 1860 to 1890.

The 1800s were known for the continuous growth of industry, settlements, and agriculture all through America. By 1890, the census showed that the countries population had easily more than doubled. Southern states were already established as agricultural states and were already succeeding without commercial companies. The Northern States and Midwest were not greatly inhabited by this time. Much of the agriculture progression was focused on these areas for their abundance of wide-open land that was perfect for farming. The materials that were being harvested in these states were shipped to the North West. Here the North West began to be industrial hot spot of the nation. Over 85 percent of the fresh materials produces in the Midwest and West were sent here to be handled and assembled.

Before the Civil War began, the Southern states were still strongly influencing the Northern States and compelling them to comply with their stubborn policies. The Senate was being mostly held by the South, but their immoral statues were forcefully refined as their faculties reduced. Policies were created to permit development on both the state and national level. In accordance to the Transcontinental Railroad Regulation, three major continental rail roads were funded during this time by the Senate. The Civil War was fought from 1861 through 1865. Southern states were left severely ruined from the war. Many of the battles occurred here which left the vital architecture in the cities highly damaged.

The South suffered from confederate bonds and currency becoming futile leaving them without a substantial amount of their finances. They also struggled to create a new work structure that was left voided by the newly freed African Americans. States were unable to be easily rebuilt due to the inadequate finances that were supposed to be provided from the South. The new agricultural structure that was to fill the gap left by slavery lacked motivation for imagination and change. Southern communities continued to lack financial stability and underwent sluggish development of population.

The South struggled to appeal and bring in newcomers as a result of the deficiency of opportunities made available to immigrants. Because of this, there was no motive to attempt to grow the industrial network. This resulted in the South not being able to thrive as the confederate states did before them. Southern cities were forced to grasp onto what little success their agricultural land was still providing to them. Congress was hugely influenced by the Northern States after the Civil War and that continued far into the 20th century. This resulted in tariffs increasing which encouraged the agricultural and industrial fields to expand further.

Unsurprisingly, Northern and Midwestern cities and communities were able to expand at a quicker speed than their southern counterpart. Nonetheless, the country remained unified through the railway and road structures. The economy was able to expand as a result of change and an abundance of natural resources being discovered at that time. The Patent Office began increasing the amount of business patents it was recognizing from 1815 up until 1897. The United States had a large quantity of resources that were a main part of jump starting the American industrial movement.

Extra laborers were needed for a growing economy. An abundance of immigrants migrated to America to replace the jobs that were previously vacated. During this time frame, a new commercialized system was established in the United States. America forged itself as one of the largest economies on the planet. They positioned themselves with their strong government system, extensive amount of natural resources, and their ability to be consciously expanding. The Native American Tribes that inhabited the west were directly affected by the modernization of the economy. America put in motion plans to develop here which began to influence these tribes.

The new territorial proposed actions disgruntled the tribes and those associated with them. They were confronted with the weakening of the environment and its resources that was beyond repair. The native tribes followed this with riots, protests, rebellions, and attempting to capture territories to combat their claims for the land. Native Americans became embarrassed as they were forced to comply with this and were overrun by the controlling civilization of America. Over time, the territory that they originally inhabited was auctioned off to the highest paying buyer and the tribes were forced to conform to the western society.

Most of the territory that was lay claim to by the new inhabitants was originally occupied by the Native Americans for hundreds of years. These people were not only removed from their home, but they were disoriented from their heritage. At least 200 battles were fought between the United States military and the Native Americans from 1868 to 1877 in attempt to save their home. At the conclusion of the century, farmers were improving and providing food for the globe. The culture that was already accomplished by their ancestors motivated Americans to lay claim to the land to improve their economy. America took place in a large amount of success that resulted in Native Americans experiencing a great deal of loss. The historical similarity of the Wild West exploits the isolation of the Native Americans and the incidents that led up to it. 

16 August 2021
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