Characters Of George and Lennie In Of Mice and Men Novel

Two Great Friends

The book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is about a pair of friends called George and Lennie who wish to make their dream of having a ranch and living there come true. They are friends who have been with each other since their childhood. Lennie is big and very strong, but not smart, while George is small, but smarter than Lennie. George guides Lennie through life and the two desire to own a personal ranch by working at a ranch to obtain more money. The two converse many times about their ranch to give themselves hope. These friends are the meaning of friendship, since the two always stick together throughout their hardships. I believe that George and Lennie’s friendship being immense is the main theme of the book.

First of all, George and Lennie are obviously great friends, because they have always helped each other where the other has fallen short. George with his brain and Lennie with his brute force is a perfect combination that can overcome almost any situation. For example, one time in the book, an arrogant man named “Curley” tried to pick a fight with Lennie, but Lennie didn’t fight back, since Lennie did not know what to do. It took George’s yelling at Lennie to fight back in order for Lennie to realize he had to stand up for himself. The pair help each other as much as they can, like real friends.

As I have said before, George and Lennie are great friends because they help each other when the other needs assistance. The duo are also great friends because they never leave or abandon each other. They have literally stuck together since their childhood, since Lennie could not have grown up without help, since his aunt, who was taking care of him, died. They also never split up when they got mad at each other. For example, when George and Lennie were in a forest clearing arguing about the food, George became mad at Lennie, since Lennie wanted ketchup on his beans, but there was no ketchup. Lennie threatened to go away from George, but George actually desired to stay with him, so the two stopped their bickering. This shows that they are real friends, since friends forgive each other no matter what.

As you can see, George and Lennie are friends that stick with each other and help each other, but they also love each other like brothers. Lennie is always trying to do what George says because he wants George to be proud and approving of him. George always wants to stay with Lennie because Lennie is like George’s brother. For instance, Lennie thought George hated and could have a better life without him, so Lennie tried to make George happy by saying he would go off in a cave and live on his own. On the other hand, George wants Lennie to stay, since Lennie is everything to George and George would sacrifice his better life alone to be with Lennie. The two would do anything for each other to make the other happy.

George cared about Lennie enough to do the right thing. When Lennie committed a crime punishable by death, George wanted Lennie to have his final moments with him in a peaceful state, which is thoughtful of George. George ended up killing Lennie to stop Lennie from having a painful death, because he cared about Lennie. Lennie and George had a great time together, but

George had to pick a choice of killing Lennie on his own, or letting others kill Lennie. Nobody wants other people to spend the last moments with their friend, so George did the right thing.

In conclusion, you can see that George and Lennie are great friends that do anything for each other because they have an incredible friendship. George and Lennie would always do the right thing for each other, stick with each other, help each other, and love each other like brothers. Friendships should be like this one, since these types of friendships are everlasting and important to surpass the struggles of life. George and Lennie are great friends who define the word friendship.

10 September 2019
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