Climate Change Is The Most Critical Issue Of Our Generation

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Climate change and its Death effect on Mother Nature’s biggest weakness, Climate Change. Gradually taking her down, yet she tries to resist and fight back. The only thing she can depend on to help her is us. Yet we are accomplishing everything, on the contrary, adding more chemicals to greenhouse gases. Destroying the trees and rubbing it out of existence, Burning fossil fuels, and all the other small things. Consuming her, bit by bit. “So,” you might ask, “What are we going to do?” “ Well, first, one has to know what climate change is. What it does, and what it is affecting, let alone who.”

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Climate change is the most critical issue of our generation; we are the first to witness its early signs and the last who have a chance of preventing them from happening.

Living in a bubble of disapproval and denial can only get us this far; this planet which is our home is already a scene for melting glaciers, raising floods, extinction of species, the list goes on and on. Spreading awareness on matters of climate change through any means possible

We can only do most, but we all must engage in helping out the environment. By honestly repeating the three classic “R’s,” Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, you’re by that time helping out. Nevertheless, merely doing it by yourself isn’t going to have a long-lasting change. So spread the word! Speak to your next-door neighbors about climate change, inform your family, tell everyone, and tell them what’s happening in our community and what is the source of climate change. Help them understand what they will do to avoid it, and what to contribute to the environment. We can only do most alone, and it can only go to date. Each day spent doing nothing to assist the environment, is another day less of our future generations living.

Climate change has injured more than thousands of insects, rodents, humans, animals, and lots more. It had a negative effect on all living things. It is mainly affecting animals living in the north and South Poles. For instance, the polar bears, their very own grounds, are disappearing as well as dissolving. Still, plenty more bears are being affected. Climate change hasn’t just negatively impacted us, but it also has impacted us in a right way, in the years 2016 and 2017, there has been an 8% increase in the US population who are bothered about climate change, they have been informed more about climate change, the effect and what is happening in our society. Yes, climate change is a negative thing, but the important thing is educating people on climate change and the real meaning behind it. 

29 April 2022

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