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Climate Change: The Negative Effects Of Raising The Temperatures

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Swinburne University English Language

Climate Change

During the past decade, climate change has become one of the environmental issues surrounding the planet. Climate change is an inclusive term used to describe an evolving atmosphere. Our Earth is experienced higher temperatures and rising sea levels are likewise occurring. This essay will explain the negative effects of raising the temperatures and rising ocean levels and provide two potential solutions to tackle the issue.

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Climate change causes arise in the temperatures of the air closed to the planet’s surface which has an effect on people’s health. According to Patz (2003), human well-being can also be influenced by a dangerous atmospheric deviation which can be characterized when the temperature has turned out to be higher and can make a pestilence sickness. For instance, extreme temperatures can cause asthma. Furthermore, extreme weather can result in an increased rate of deaths.

Thus, the effect of higher temperatures has an impact on human health.Another effect is that rising sea levels cause a flood disaster. For example, Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, suffered a flood disaster due to sea level rise. Bangkok and neighborhood were affected by the Chao Phraya water system. It formed by main rivers at Nakhon Sawan province. The volume of the liberation at Nakhon Sawan rose approximately 3500 m3/s. It is possible that if the water discharge increase, it could lead to a flood disaster. Bang Sai is the part of Ayutthaya province that experiences a rise in water level around 2200 m3/s as a consequence this zone experiences floods every year in the monsoon season.

Previously, it is possible that water can be kept in paddy fields, but in the present, the fields cannot be used in terms of retention areas anymore (Surapee,1993).There are some solutions to flood disaster due to rising sea level which occurs in Thailand. According to KONGRUT (2017), the project “Room for the river” is created in order to solve the flood issue in Thailand. The project is based on the experience of Netherlands and Singapore which used to experience the risk of flooding. In Netherland, they have repositioned concrete dykes inland and diminished the scale of concrete infrastructure to provide more room for natural floodplains around the country’s rivers.

There are alternative ways that community can alleviate climate change. The most ideal way is reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide, which occurs by consuming non-renewable energy sources, is produced into the air and will stay in the environment for quite a while. Therefore, the best performance to control carbon dioxide emissions is the utilization of sustainable power sources. For instance, utilizing sun based power, such as solar panels are an effective way to minimize carbon dioxide. Wong (2015) states this as follows “For vitality providers to help moderate the consumption of petroleum products, it is basic that they execute advances that use sustainable power sources”.

Additionally, using alternative transportation system is another strategy to diminish carbon dioxide emissions. This reduces harm to the environment because of the reduction of vehicles on the streets and can eliminate traffic congestion (Climate change with public transportation, 2009). If society can act in these ways, it will go a long way to moderate carbon dioxide emissions.In conclusion, it is obvious that raising the temperature and global sea level are two of the world’s substantial issues. It is essential that communities cooperate to diminish carbon emissions such as reducing the use of transportation. Furthermore, the auspices of the natural ecosystem can be the solution in terms of rising sea levels. This is a simple solution that individuals be involved in, but more significantly, we need all individuals to work closely together as we share this planet. One day, we will be able to live in a better world without pollution.


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03 December 2019

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