Companies Know You Better Than You Think 

In today's day and age more than ever, businesses have had to be increasingly flexible to the ever changing technological landscape. Modern technology has allowed companies to expand and grow in numerous ways, but with this growth comes more responsibility for managers to use these advances responsibly and ethically. Artificial intelligence, or AI, refers to principles and applications of computer algorithms that attempt to mimic various aspects of human intelligence. Companies have been using this technology to aid in decision making, analyze big data and improve their overall business for many years now. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence companies have begun get to know their customers better than ever, and its allowing businesses to make crucial decisions faster and with more confidence than ever before. While the impacts AI has had on businesses have been enormous, they have added many additional challenges to the way managers run their company.

The term Artificial Intelligence or AI was first used by a man named John Mccarthy, who held a conference in 1956 on the topic. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming a key component of many businesses and serves numerous purposes for an organization. Artificial Intelligence is being used to simplify and streamline business processes, which in turn allows a business to meet its goals more efficiently. Some of the key departments where AI is being used most effectively include: customer service, advertising/marketing and human resources. Software powered by artificial intelligence has been used by many companies throughout the world to support their customer service operations. An example of these softwares include robotic answering services that have customers respond to automated responses. Secondly, AI software can be utilized for marketing and advertising campaigns. The software can be used to analyze customers online behavior, and push advertisements that are tailored to their specific interests. Thirdly, AI softwares are aiding human resources departments to better hire future employees. AI softwares are able to analyze vast amounts of information about potential candidates to help narrow down the perfect fit for the job.

According to oxford english dictionary An organization is “an organized group of people with a particular purpose”. Every organization forms around a central idea and is comprised of numerous pieces. These pieces include shareholders, management, boards of directors and core values that the organization wholeheartedly believes in. Management's main portirity is to ensure the organization is running effectively. Artificial intelligence is forcing managers to rethink the structure of their organizations. The software that is utilized in Artificial intelligence is only getting better and companies need to be prepared for the way AI is going to effect their businesses. Some of these restructuring activities involve transforming HR departments, implementing new hiring policies and developing new ways to train employees. In regards to hiring new employees companies have begun to shift away from hiring the most qualified candidate, and have begun to put greater emphasis on cultural fit and adaptability.

15 April 2020
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