Comparative Analysis And Evaluation Of Affordable Clean Energy Rule And Clean Power Plan

Would you favor a plan that has rigorous regulations but is better for the environment or, on the other hand a rule being indulgent and bettering our economy while worsening our environment? In the beginning the United States was governed under the Articles of Confederation which gave supreme authority to the states, it had a weak central government. The Articles of Confederation weren’t an effective form of government because the central government had no power to tax or to enforce laws, the states had different currency, and states had different laws than the central government. The US owed money to other countries and to its troops and since the central government couldn’t tax the states, the new free nation could be falling apart before it even began. Delegates from each state agreed to meet to try to revise the Articles but later made the Constitution which every state ratified. The Constitution now had a limited government, with 3 branches, the executive, the judiciary, and the legislative. The constitution was based off federalism, which is the separation of powers between the federal and state government. Many people opposed it because their beliefs differ. Some people believed that a federal government should have more control, those people were called federalist. While other people believed that the states should have the most control, those were antifederalist. Trump proposed the Affordable Clean Energy Rule to replace the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, in the paragraphs to follow we will discuss their different points of view, their plans, and what other people as well as me believe of each plan.

The United States has two political parties the democrats and the republicans. They both have different beliefs and sometimes opposing views on society and of a governmental role for the progress of our nation. The democrats most of the time tend to be liberals. Liberals are open to progress and rely on the government. Liberals are mainly part of the minority, they strive for change. They want to show that sticking to traditions can only stop today’s society from progressing. Liberals mainly believe in equal opportunity for all, government involvement in private matters, civil liberties, and progress. Barack Obama was a democrat as well as a liberal. A republican is most likely a conservative. A conservative is someone who believes that progress should be controlled, they value traditions.

They are mainly the dominant people of a society or are afraid of change. They believe in limited government in private matters, free market, and individual liberties. Donald Trump, is a conservative republican. Trump recently proposed the Affordable Clean Energy Rule. The rule allows coal plants to spew carbon dioxide emission and some other pollutants into the air for much longer than they have been allowed under a different plan.

Trump’s rule would allow states instead of the federal government to decide what ways would be most effective to reduce carbon emissions. “Rather than dictate burdensome, top-down mandates on the states, the Affordable Clean Energy Rule seeks to empower states to continue reducing emissions in ways that best fit their various energy portfolios” said John Shimkus, the House Environment Subcommittee chairman. But not everything is right with trump's proposed rule, while allowing each state to regulate its carbon emission it could affect the environment entirely. It could pollute our air more than ever before and many people are concerned about the results that would come with this new rule, and if there is some sort of ulterior motive for companies to make more money while allowing more toxic pollutants into the air . “It’s not states' rights; it’s a commitment to an anti-environmental, anti-regulatory agenda driven by the very industries they're supposed to be regulating” said Meredith Hankins, who studies environmental law and policy.

Obama had the Clean Power Plan, which strictly regulate the carbon emission that a state allows. The Clean Power Plan was set to help the carbon dioxide emission in the air, it was added to better the environment and lower air pollution. Obama set forth this plan to “promote the general welfare” of the nation. He believed that regulating the carbon emission in the air, would better our air and reduce the pollution. However certain officials didn’t see it that way much like, Michelle Bloodworth, America’s Power President and CEO who said, “We are pleased that EPA has proposed a rule to replace the Clean Power Plan, especially one that allows the states to play a crucial role in determining which emission reduction measures make sense. In contrast to the illegal Clean Power Plan, EPA’s proposal is based on a correct reading of the Clean Air Act.” Although Obama was trying to find the best solution for the American people he neglected to think about how the economy might suffer towards these strict regulations that would limit certain states.

All in all, I believe that the Affordable Clean Energy Rule might be the best option out of the two. The Affordable Clean Energy Rule would leave the power at the states and give equal opportunity to all to regulate their own carbon emission, so some states might chose to lower their carbon emission while some states might chose to better their economy while emitting more carbon dioxide into the air, so to put it all together their carbon emission might be similar or the same as the Clean Power Plan. While the Clean Power Plan might limit our economy the Affordable Clean Energy Rule could help further our incomes while still regulating carbon emission. I agree with officials and how they might’ve deemed Obama’s Clean Power Plan as illegal or even go as far as to call it unconstitutional. Although the article that I was reading was very biased and made Trump seems like his plan was terrible I have to disagree, I may not be the fond of Trump but after extensive research I can see why both the EPA and certain officials choose to support Trump’s plan rather than sticking with Obama’s.

03 December 2019
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