Comparative Analysis Of Wall-e And Toy Story

Every child born from the late 1990s and on has most likely grown up with this in common: watching Pixar movies. Pixar Animation Studios has been producing animated films for years, and have made 21 feature films as of 2019. Movies from Pixar often come along with feelings of warmth and nostalgia; and who doesn’t like a good reminiscence of childhood? Since each Pixar movie is special and great in its own way, many dispute about which one is the best and most meaningful, but if one was to be named the “best of all” it would have to be Wall-E. Some may claim that Toy Story is actually the best Pixar movie, but there are several reasons as to why this is false and Wall-E is superior; Wall-E was more successful, the cinematography was better, and the central themes and messages are more important today.

In this debate over the best Pixar movie, those who argue that Toy Story is the best Pixar movie give light to the deeper meaning that comes along with this humorous film. Toy Story is, in reality, a very melancholy film. Woody and Buzz’s battle for Andy’s love speaks to everyone’s fear of being replaced, as well as our shared recognition that the innocence of childhood cannot last. Everyone can relate to these topics, and can have a moment where they feel understood. The voice cast of this movie consisted of notable names such as Tom Hanks, who has won two Oscars, and Tim Allen who was a popular actor during the time of the release and is still a household name today. Toy Story was also able to secure a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, displaying the general population’s very positive opinion of the movie.

On the flip side, Wall-E can be argued as being the best Pixar movie. It was the winner of the 2009 Oscar Best Animated Feature Film of the Year, one if the most highly-acclaimed awards a film can receive. One of the central lessons of the film, how it’s possible we too could become the human blobs found on the Axiom if we continue to make technological advancements and use them unwisely, is still a very important topic of discussion today in our society of speedy technological discoveries and climate change. The movie is also able to skillfully leave a lack of dialogue without it seeming boring or awkward. The first act has next to no dialogue whatsoever, and instead we are left to the beeps and body gestures of Wall-E and E.V.E., the two robot main characters. It is handled so well that you hardly realize there’s actually no speaking going on.

If we want to compare the two movies in their success, Wall-E comes out on top over Toy Story. Wall-E has won an Oscar, one of the most prestigious film awards, while Toy Story has not. Toy Story’s greatest award was a Special Achievement Award at the 1996 Academy Awards. Highly-trained professionals judge these films in order to choose the winners and so their expertise is very notable and respected. Also, the cumulative worldwide gross of Wall-E was $521,311,860 whereas the cumulative worldwide gross of Toy Story was only $404,265,438. That’s a little over 100 million more dollars made by Wall-E, evidence that it has been bought and watch more than Toy Story. Toy Story may have gotten rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is pretty impressive, but the reliability of the data is a bit questionable as anyone can make an account and vote. When it comes to cinematography, Wall-E has more-advanced animation since it was made a few years after Toy Story. The CGI used in Wall-E is much smoother and pleasing to the eye than Toy Story, who was Pixar’s first ever animated film and therefore the “roughest” animation Pixar has produced. And lastly, the storylines are both interesting and original, but the most original would have to be Wall-E. Woody and Buzz make for two very interesting main characters, but toys coming to life are a common occurrence in many kids’ movies and even some horror movies. The Story of Wall-E, where two robots fall in love and end up on a journey to save the human race, may seem pretty simple, but the twists that are put on it make this story so much more soulful. The dynamic between the likable and goofy Wall-E and the strong-headed and confident E.V.E. is extremely enjoyable, and the ways in which they express themselves without words so well displays the artistry of the film.

In conclusion, Wall-E is a wonderfully animated, beautiful story filled with significant life lessons — especially in today’s world — and should be known as the best Pixar movie made to date. Set in a not-so-far future, this movie teaches you selflessness, what it takes to love and care for another, how you should do what is right, and how technology could lead us to an undesirable future if we aren’t careful enough. These lessons, along with the phenomenal cinematography and animation, create the perfect film combination, outshining those of Toy Story. 

16 August 2021
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