Compare And Contrast Analysis Of Barnardos And Sainsbury`s Companies

Purpose and sector of Barnados

Barnardos is a tertiary sector which means that it refers to the commercial services such as insurance, teaching and healthcare. These commercial services support the production and distribution process. Barnardos is a tertiary sector because it is a service that helps the public. The advantage of this is that The main purpose of Barnardos is to regain spirit in the most vulnerable children across the UK. This is done through their services, campaigning and research expertise. Barnardos truly believe that they can bring out the best in every child despite the situation. Some of the things that Barnardos do is fostering and adoption, young carers, sexual exploitation, child poverty and domestic violence.

Purpose and sector of Sainsbury`s

The purpose of Sainsbury`s is to provide value for money and to be a retail outlet for all of the general public to shop at. They want to provide a nice setting for people to shop in and also work. As well as this they are set up to become a supermarket that is trustworthy and that the public can rely on to have what they need. Sainsbury`s works in the mass market therefore it has to provide products/ services that are for everyone not to meet specific needs of individuals.

The range of activities/services of Barnardos

Barnardos began as a charity providing only one service which was a `ragged school`. This was where children were able to get a free education. The next service began after Barnardo was shown around the East End where he saw things such as children sleeping on roofs. He then went on to set up more and more services vowing to never turn children away. By the time Barnardo died in 1905, the charity had 96 homes which cared for more than 8, 500 vulnerable children. These children even include those who have things such as physical and learning difficulties. Another service of Barnardos is fostering which began in 1887 because he believed that children should grow up in a family setting. So he started to boarded children out and by 1905 more than 4000 children were boarded out. Despite this not being popular in Victorian England, Barnardo remained determined to give every child the best possible future. Today, they protect and support young people and children that face a variety of issues, like drug use, disabilities and sexual abuse. They still continue to believe that with the right help children can change their lives and achieve their potential. They still honour the promise that regardless of the child’s circumstances, gender, race, disability or behaviour.

The range of activities/products/services of Sainsbury`s

Sainsbury’s has a variety of products and services such as groceries, Tu, banking, Argos, habitat and energy. They particularly specialise in food shopping but have over time expanded their business to include many other consumables like entertainment and electrical items. Sainsbury`s also provides online shopping which can be delivered to your houses. This helps customers to either see the range of products available, supports people who cannot access the shop and also provide help to people who cannot take big loads of shopping home.

The mission, vision and values of Barnardos

Barnardos mission to build strong relationships between children, young people, their families and also the community. It also to support children and young people but also to contribute to the community knowledge of the issues that people may come across. The vision of Barnardos is to ensure that all children and young people will have caring families, where they can grow up safely and go on to fulfil their potential. As well as this they want to make sure that families, children and young people will always be valued and supported by quality services and engaged communities. This vision helps to ensure that all children and young people know that they have a chance to live a happy life despite the current situation that they may be in. Barnardos have 8 values which they treat all equally as they believe each one is just as important as the other. One of these values is that they believe in keeping the child and young person central. This means that they work for what they personally believe to be the child’s best interest. Another value is that they believe in strengthening families due to them believing that all children should be brought up in a family environment and that they should be in permanent family structure. This is where there fostering service comes into because this provides children to continue to live in happy family environments. They also believe in valuing their knowledge meaning that they share the knowledge that they have collected over the years. This is because they have a wide variety of specialist knowledge of child and adolescence welfare and they are very committed to research and evaluation of what they do and how this is done. As well as this another main value of Barnardos is that they believe in being persistent for change. They continuously work creatively to make a real difference. They like to ensure that their clients, particularly children and young people need unconditional care and consistency and Barnardos want to make sure that they achieve this for the vulnerable children. They are committed to strengthening the company to help every vulnerable child that needs any sort of care and support.

The mission, vision and values of Sainsbury`s

The mission statement for Sainsbury`s is to be the customers first choice for food and delivering products of outstanding and great service at a competitive cost. This is done through working faster, simpler and together. They do this by ensuring that they have a wide range of products available to their customers and that all their employees are there and willing to help at all times. Sainsbury`s vision is to be the most trusted retailer, where people love to work and shop. They do this by putting their customers at the heart of everything that they do. They also do this by investing in their stores, their colleagues and their channels to all them to offer the best possible shopping experience. They address the most significant issues that are faced by their customers, colleagues, stakeholders and the business to attempt to make a tangible difference as the business continues to grow etc. Since 1869, Sainsbury’s believe that they’ve always had a strong sense of social, environmental and economic responsibility and understanding that their success depends simply on the society`s success. Sainsbury`s values are helping them to drive a lasting and positive change in the UK and internationally. Sainsbury`s has 5 values and much like Barnardos they treat them all as though they are as important as the other. One of these values is health, this is due to them wanting to help their customers eat healthily. They do this by improving the quality of the food in their baskets because they believe that even small changes can make a big impact. Another value of Sainsbury`s is sourcing because they work closely with farmers, growers and supplies in the UK and also internationally. This is so that they can reassure customers about where and how their products are sourced.

Environment is another value of Sainsbury`s because they deeply care about our planet and the effect that both we, and our global suppliers have on the environment. So now they are reducing their emissions, water use and also their waste. Also one of their values is the community and making sure that they are a good neighbour, encouraging every store to get involved with food donation, volunteering and in their local charity of the year programme. Their final value is their colleagues as they rely on these to deliver excellent customer service and work hard to keep them motivated and involving them in plans.

Aims and objectives of Barnardos

One of the aims of Barnardos is to make stronger families, faster by 2025. They want to make the biggest impact by making three of their services priority which are early support, family support and emotional health and wellbeing. They want to make early support a priority because they believe that prevention is better than cure. As well as this they believe that what they learn from the children early on helps them to clearly identify wider issues. This would then further help then to tackle these issues.

Aims and objectives of Sainsbury`s

The aims and objectives for Sainsbury`s are fairly straightforward so that everyone within the business can understand them. One of Sainsbury`s aims is to survive and reclaim the number one spot from their competitors, Tesco. This clearly shows us that they are very determined to survive as a business. They are many ways that can help Sainsbury`s to achieve this aim for example they could ensure that they are reaching all the needs and wants of their customers so that they will continue to shop at Sainsbury`s. This indicates that they may be struggling to please their customers which will have impact on their race to become number one again. Another aim for Sainsbury`s is to increase profits, this is so that more money can then be reinvested into the business allowing them to grow to be a better supermarket. As well as this it gives an opportunity for new ideas to be generated so that they can then differentiate themselves from other competitors which will help to increase sales. By increasing profits it means that the money can be reinvested into improving the current performance of their staff and also making sure that their food is advertised to a high standard. As well as this another aim of theirs is to deliver great services to their customers. This means that they must continuously provide a level of good customer service in all of their activities. So Sainsbury`s should be aiming to develop and progress in every area of their supermarket stores because this will lead customers to notice everything that they have to offer. Sainsbury`s also aim to provide outstanding quality and choice, which means that they will need to be fully committed to providing choice and good quality in all of their products. This is an objective that has been chosen to help improve their store as a whole. This helps Sainsbury`s to ensure that their customers will want to return to the store after taking away their products and realising the high quality of them.

Possible reasons for success for Barnardos

Overall, Barnardos success is always growing because of their continuous hard work with their service users. This is because they refuse to turn down any child or family despite the situation they may be in. they have come to the conclusion that everyone deserves a chance at happy life where they can fulfil they dreams. This would then mean that many people wouldn’t feel scared to not turn to Barnardos because of their good reputation they know that Barnardos will offer them the best help and support. For Barnardos to ensure that they are continuously successful they have to make sure that all of the trustees work well and closely together. Without them doing this it could lead to the success of Barnardos declining because it could mean that a child is not helped to the highest standard. They all have to work closely together to make sure that meet all of their targets and that if there are any crisis that they may face that they are sorted out without it affecting the employees and also the customers. As well as this they have to make sure that their strategies which are in place for their short-term success then can be carried onto their long-term success.

Possible reasons for success for Sainsbury`s

Sainsbury`s is a very successful supermarket and is now the 2nd best supermarket in the UK. One of the main reason for the success for Sainsbury`s is that they provide a wide variety of products and services for their customers. As well as this he prices are affordable for not only affluent people but also less affluent people with big families. They have their own brand of food called basics which mainly include food but also other things such as toiletries and stationary. This will lead to more people shopping here because of the good prices and good quality of the products. This then creates customers to become regulars because they like the products and services that the Sainsbury`s provide but they also like the reasonable prices. As well as this Sainsbury`s have a very good and efficient organisational structure. Another reason for success is that they make a good profit which then allows the business to expand and include more things for their customers. They are able to do this by setting their aims and objectives and making sure that they are achieving these.


The two businesses I have chosen to contrast which are Barnardos and Sainsbury`s both want to meet the needs and wants of their customers to the highest possible standards. Barnardos ensure that they are offering a helpful service without making a profit and just for the good of the community. Whereas, Sainsbury`s ensure that they have reasonable priced products and services at reasonable prices so that their customers think of them as a trusted and loyal supermarket. Due to Barnardos not making a profit it shows a clear difference between the two businesses because one of Sainsbury`s aims is to increase profits. However, both businesses are continuously wanting to expand to better their company and make their brand name more stable and aware. Barnardos want to expand to help as many children, young people and families as possible.

18 March 2020
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