Comparison Of Family Dynamics In Eleanor And Park

Families play a big and important position in a relationship. Without family providing advice and support, strengthening a good and healthy bond between partners is troubling. Parents have guided many lives and will continue to. Family will lend a hand in any problem. Rainbow Rowell, the author of the novel, ​Eleanor and Park​, illustrates the distinctions and the family connections between these two households. Through the diverse family dynamics of Eleanor, Park and both in comparison, Eleanor and Park demonstrates that children are definitely impacted by their relationship.    


Eleanors family can be easily compared to modern day families. From how living conditions are to the bond between the parents. Eleanors family lacks support in regards to the relationship with Park. Eleanors parents offer minimal assistance and attention to the point where only certain needs matter. While on the topic of lacking, Eleanors stepdad, Richie, is abusive to Eleanors mother and therefore the image of love was not portrayed in a proper manner. Eleanors living conditions are not any better in comparison to others. Treating Eleanor like a regular kid, was not usual. Eleanors life style is less fortunate from other kids. As stated in the text, “ She went up to the hall closet, found three brand-new toothbrushes, and shoved them into the front of her pants, along with a bar of Dove soap.” Eleanors absence are basic needs, such as clothing, soap, and a toothbrush.    


Parks family can majorly differ from Eleanors family. Parks family has a closer bond between each other, and is more attentive and helpful to the relationship. Firstly, the connections between the parents are well mannered and love is greatly provoked. Parks parents are worthy and as well as respective of each other. As stated in the novel, “ His dad barreled into the kitchen and scooped his mom into his arms. They did this every night, too. Full-on make-out sessions, no matter who was around ”. Secondly, arguing was rare between the parents but if that were the case, it would be either about Park or Josh, and that would be handled maturly. The parents love each other as much as loving Park. Although Parks dad does love Park dearly, Parks dad conveys that love in a different course of action. Finally, while having a happy family, Parks lifestyle was like a normal kid. Park lived in a clean house hold, affordable living, and parents can afford basic necessities.    


These two families are very unalike both in family bonds and living conditions which can give a representation of how modern society would look like. Eleanors family is less fortunate in basic needs and have difficulty with wealth. This family can not obtain enough money to sustain daily essentials. On the other hand, Parks family is the opposite of this situation. The family has enough financial support that the parents and the kids can be afforded for. Despite the life circumstances of the pair, love and affection is still manageable between Eleanor and Park. In addition, Parks family welcomes Eleanor to Parks house whenever Eleanor feels either unsafe or for any other reason. As stated in the novel, “And I’m just saying, you know that if it's easier to be over here, then you should be here.”   


Overall, Eleanor and Parks diverse family dynamics demonstrate that children are definitely impacted by the relationship throughout the novel. The main part of a relationship is family. From providing advice and guidenists through any problem that may occur. Family is there when needing a helping hand to get through easy or troubling problems. Family is there no matter the dilemma. 

16 December 2021
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