Creative Ways To Save The Environment

Why save the environment? Most times when we hear the words “save the environment”our thoughts takes us as far as flying around earths atmosphere with a Gucci designed cape to rescue those experiencing a natural or man made disaster, to rescue the bank from robbers with heavy hardwares with spider webs, to read peoples mind, pause time and solve their problems and to save the world from the proclaimed almighty alien boss; thanos, preparing his arrival to earth. Sometimes we take it simpler by imagining ourselves in a cop uniform, detective suite, or Sherlock holmes overall solving crimes and exposing corrupt business men and politicians. To save the world you don’t necessarily need all the wisdom, weapons or superpowers of this world. You been able to patiently trek down the street to dispose your waste in the trash can rather than throw it inside the flowing river at your backyard could just be saving thousands. You treating the waste your industry creates during production before dispersing it into gutters or large water bodies could just be preventing the epidemic that can wipe out millions.

There are creative ways to save the environment that don't involve being a supurhero risking your life. We save the environment, our surrounding, the plant lifes and trees, the purity of water bodies, the cleanliness of the environment, the already polluted atmosphere, the ozone layer, it's serenity and the ecosystem because. A clean environment is essential for healthy living. The immediate protection we offer the environment protects the ecosystem on a larger scaleTo preserve the earth and its riches for our future generation: imagine your child coming to meet a world that requires. Protecting the environment directly and indirectly means protecting humanity. Plant life and wild life provides various raw materials for various consumer products. It is the needed change to control global warming and its adverse effects. Creative ways to save the environment Go handy more often than mechanized: it is advisable to do house chores and low scale farming with hands rather than machineries. Study has shown it takes approximately the same amount of time to use a broom as you use a vacuum cleaner. Mechanised products are not has perfect has they look to be. Machines tend to release waste usually as residue when functioning either as thermal heat, rays, residue, noise or smoke which are harmful to you. Going handy isn't just going to help you save your environment, it's going to help you stay healthy as going about menial chores will help your circulatory and respiratory system stay healthy.

Also going handy with chores will save energy in our homes. Plant more: Planting and saving trees cannot be overdone has they are the backbone of our food chain, paper industry, pen industry, clothing, herbs and medicine and so many more. I doubt man will survive a year without plant life. This is way planting, gardens, afforestation should be encouraged as against tree felling and deforestation. Saving a tree and planting secures the existence of a comfortable life for your future generations. You can plant trees, start a garden and grow lawns in your vacant back yard to contribute your own quota into saving the environment which includes yourself. Planting tree in our homes will also create shades and can increase the value of your property. Also encouraging others to pick up this struggle of saving plant life could just save the whole of earth's future just like a proper superhero does. You could just organize an annual tree planting event where family members or your neighborhood go about planting trees. You can also start your own organic garden and install some more indoor plants in your home.

Recycle: recycling used products is one of the creative ways to save the environment that has occupied your media space in the last decade. Recycling basically involves converting waste material into new materials or object useful for same function as its original or useful for a different fiction. Recycling has shown to be the best alternative to waste disposal. do you know;- you can recycle your phone, saving the environment from dangerous emissions from phone battery?- you can reuse gift wraps, bows, tags, newspapers? You recycling or avoiding the use newspaper could save up to half a million trees. - glass can take up to millions of years to decompose? You can prevent the littering, water pollution and air pollution that comes with the long period of decomposing by recycling bottles for other uses or reuse. - create compost from organic left overs? unrefined or sophisticated, avoid smoke: most machineries are sources of smoke which largely compose of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, methane. These gaseous chemicals are harmful to you and serves as an atmospheric pollutant. You can save the environment by taking public buses, avoid the use of cars for trekkable distances. Aside machineries smoking substances like cigarettes aren't advisable because the destroy its users organs and also pollute the environment affecting passerbys who inhale the smoke.

If can be green drop sophistication: The era of mechanization and quantitative hardware and gadgets have come and gone. Discovering that mechanized technology has created more pollution in the environment manufacturers have set the quality of products to depend on how green, organic or environmental friendly the product is. It's no longer about the sophistication, it's about how well can it function and not harm the environment. If you own any device or synthesised product that can be replaced with organic, it's best to go for it. Buy organic food products more often. Chose matches over lighter as it is biodegradable, lighters have contributed in millions to landfill waste. This safes the environment and your health.

Educate yourself and others: Education they say is the best legacy. It might seem casual but it is one of many creative ways to save the environment. You can go online and read articles, blog posts and researched on ways to save the environment to educate yourself whilst also sharing this information with others so as to create a chain reaction that will enlighten man kind on how best to save their planet and future. save energy: you should switch off electrical appliances at all times when not in use. This helps to save money and energy. Do not pre heat your oven except where necessary as this is not needed, again it saves energy and money.

Also you can fill the dish water or washing machine to it's maximum before washing. We save the environment this way by reducing the risk of causing accidents, this conserve resources and reduces emission levels from power plants. Saving the environment can just be at the tip of your socket. Some other ways include -insulating your roof and ceiling - seal your chimney with damper- walk or cycle short distances - use water efficient shower head and opt for rain water where it can be utilized. - replace your bulbs with halogen bulbs, fluorescent bulbs or light emitting diode bulbs which use about 20-30% less energy and last longer - purchase energy efficient appliances dispose right: waste disposal has been a major problem around the world. You can be a solution to that problem by disposing your waste right and encouraging others to do so too. Waste disposal encompasses more than 20 different industries. You will come across a number of companies who are in the business ofrubbish removals in Sydney, Australia who practice this concept of waste disposal. Waste disposal involves collection, transportation and disposal of garbage, sewage and other waste items in a very proper manner. It is the process of treating solid wastes and provides plenty of solutions for recycling products that don’t belong to trash. It is all about finding out how garbage can be used as a valuable resource. Waste disposal is something that each and every household and business owner in this world needs. Other ways of saving the environment could include;take advantage of natural excesses e. g use solar panel, Does the environment need saving? It might not be obvious enough, largely because the human body has been programmed to adapt to changes.

So even when the quality of living drops we hardly notice because it's a slow gradual process gets use to also immediately. The environment is depreciating daily largely because of man’s influence. Pollution is killing water life, contaminating our air, water and land. Our waste of natural resources if properly managed could be saving millions from dying. The money consumed as waste when we don't recycle and save energy could have been diverted by governments into environmental saving enterprise. Yes! The environment needs saving. Conclusion: We all owe the earth our contribution into saving it. You should give back to the earth for it's accommodation and provision. It's our responsibility has humans. Try as much as possible to avoid doing what you don't enjoy doing or can't do at home because it's detrimental to your health in public space. Everylife, both green, black, brown, white, and red matters.

15 July 2020
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