Credit Card Modern Authentication Using

Nowadays, online payments are concerned about security. This is mainly due to hacking of OTPs or PIN codes by the hackers. This paper proposes a method for credit card system used in transaction system which will integrate with the face detection. The problem faced by credit card users is lot of privacy issues. This may commonly occur when users give their credit card numbers to unfamiliar individuals or when cards are lost. Our Solution proposes a technique by which the image clicked by using webcam during the registration process image captured detect the face and with feature extraction face stored into the database. At the time of payment made by the user on E-commerce portal will be compared to the features from the dataset of the respective user. Features extracted from the images stored in administrator database. Our goal is to compare the similarity of faces embedded in the credit card and respective user.

Credit cards are used worldwide. Credit cards are fast becoming the most common payment method of big purchasers. People use credit cards for online transactions in shopping malls. Credit card fraud is becoming the biggest risk in credit card transactions.Credit cards and the pin codes of the credit card can be stolen or lost. The proposed solution provides a secure method for credit card authentication using Local Binary Pattern algorithm.

Face recognition technique is a both challenging as well as important recognition technique. We have projected our ideas to implement “Credit card authentication” based on facial recognition in which it imbibes large applications. The applications includes face identification which saves time and eliminates chances of credit card lost or stolen. Face recognition has been the earliest of the application derived from this technology, which is one of the most fool proof methods in human detection.The facial recognition process can be divided into two main categories: processing before detection where face detection and alignment take place and afterwards recognition occur through feature extraction and matching.

Purpose of Image processing

The purpose of image processing is categories into 5 groups.

  1. Visualization- Observe the objects that are not visible in the images.
  2. Image sharpening and restoration- To create a better image in the dataset.
  3. Image retrieval- Seek for the image of interest for images .
  4. Measurement of pattern– Measures various objects in an image for training purpose.
  5. Image Recognition– Distinguish the objects in an image and recognition the images or faces.


What is a Face Recognition?

The credit card transaction is an very important application where the data given by the various types of user can be traced and accessed over the network and they are deleted which is a major problem in the world.

The digital Image processing that can secure the overall credit card system by using face recognition and face detection of the user for security purpose. Nowdays, face recognition is a both challenging and important recognition technique in a day to day activities..Among all the biometric techniques such as finger printing the face recognition approach possesses most advantage, which is its user-friendliness. A face recognition, factors that may most affect the performance of the recognizer. Face recognition is one of the few biometric method or technique that possess the merits of both high accuracy and low intrusiveness.The meaning of face recognition system, human face features that use to identify the face, extract features,matches face, face,face recognition types including two- dimensional system (2D) and three-dimensional system (3D) structure .

Existing System

The people having the right access to purchase anything with a price for the required items and buying that products. The first bank card was issued in the London 1967. Payment cards with magnetic strips appeared in 1971, chip cards are invented in 1974. All the time banks sought to protect savings of their clients. For a long time PIN-code was the main protection. A personal identification number (PINs) are usually used in conjunction with usernames or passwords.


  1. Attack by key logger is not possible.
  2. Attack by brute force is very difficult.


  1. Pin code can get stolen.
  2. It could be forgotten.


Problem Statement and Proposed System 

Our proposed system is to secure online transaction. It should help user to make secure transaction when needed view payment details in the system. Helps online shopping websites to make payment themselves more efficient. This system inclused face detection and face recognition process.

This project can be utilized for several security purpose applications where authentication is needed to access the privileges of the respective system. It can be used in recognizing and detecting guilty parties involving in unauthorized business. Face recognition and face detection algorithm can be improved with respect to the utilization of resources so that the project can recognize more number of faces at a time which can make the system far better. Many variants of the project can be developed and utilized for home security and personal or organizational benefits.


Purpose of our proposed project on credit card authentication using face recognition is reducing credit card frauds that may occur during an online payment process. It should be flexible so that people can easily use it without any hesitation. The web cam plays an important role in the system. It is reliable and user friendly. Using this technique solve the issues by integrating face recognition, this system still lacks the ability to identify people with similar face. This problem is overcome by using OTP. The comparison of the real time image with the images stored in the database should be reliable.This system should not be made wait long time for a user.


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07 July 2022
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