Cyber Harrasing Is An Act Of Threaten

Cyber harassing can be defined as an act of threaten or offend or terrorize an individual intentionally with the intention of harming the person. It could be done through email, messages or any other means. It is difficult to identify the person doing this, as it doesn’t involve physical presence of the individual. Not just the communication through a means, but also creating a social media account on other person’s name is also harassing and there are cases that are reported in recent times. A series of such incidents is referred as cyber stalking.

With proper analysis on these incidents, the means through which CS is recorded more should be identified and policy changes should be made by the organizers like attaching a govt. issued ID to that account. If organizations are not ready to do this by their own taking this as serious social threat, government should make amendments in law, to implement it. 18 U.S. Code § 2261A Stalking include laws for stalking in United States.

This need not restrict the number of accounts an individual is handling on internet, but should attach an ID to each account opened. Keeping a track of IP addresses through which these accounts are operated is not a challenge these days with improved cyber security. These are some ways cyber stalking can be handled.

Cyber bullying is precisely described as bullying that takes place over cellphones by texting, apps, social media, gaming that happens over internet. This also includes posting personal or private information of others publicly that humiliates or embarrass the person. When I’m asked to advice the middle school children over it, I would educate them with examples like what if it happens with them personally.

The children should be made understand what kind of information might embarrass others, make the children think in mature way that bullying hurts others. Let them know about the laws or punishment that will be impeached for this act. They should be explained with punishments given at school and if something considered serious will be taken charge by police and it can ruin the student’s career. Showing these examples students can be made aware of cyberbullying, which is recorded at about 15% as per 2017 statistics of National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice.

As cyber stalking can be done in several ways and hard to identify the stalker, public should be beware of the personal information they provide online or while posts something. Items like personal photos should be avoided sharing on public sites, where stalkers can access and do morphing. And by restricting view of personal information like email ids and phone numbers in social networking sites. Sharing details with anonymous people on gaming apps can also be a threat. So by taking some basic safety measures and understanding the privileges others have over our personal data in public sites will be a good step to protect ourselves from cyber stalking.  

07 July 2022
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