D-Day: The Moment That Determines World War II

The spirit of the soldiers is worthy of our admiration, is they use their lives to protect the peace, is that they guard the security of the territory behind, let people live and work in peace. They take children reluctant to part and go, they fight in the care of relatives; They gave up their love, they gave up their comfort… Just like the American soldiers in World War II. When Naiz occupied France, on June 6,1944, Allies began a battle at Normandy,France, known as “Operation Overlord.” We all know that american, British and Canadian troops landed 50 miles off Normandy beach in France, which is one of the largest amphibious military assaults in history and required extensive planning. Through soldiers wisdom the Germans must be convinced that Allies’ goal is not Normandy. Before they invade normandy, they have to prepare a detailed plan, U.S. Army set up at least eight training centers prior to D-Day, most notably at Woolacombe Beach, Devonshire. Because of its topographical similarity to Normandy, the Slapton Sands region of the south coast was selected for amphibious rehearsals, leading to the disastrous Operation Tiger in April.General Eisenhower led the army and delayed their twenty-four hour attack due to a storm on June 4, then Eisenhower received the weather improvement on June 5th and said “OK,let’s go.” In just a few hours, 3,000 landing craft, 2500 ships and 500 naval vessels began to leave English ports. American soldiers show no signs of timidity even in bad weather, they still rush to the front to defend peace. Many historians consider this day to be the moment that determines World War II.

After I appropriate research, I found that the fate of the country and civilization fell on an average 26-year-old man. I can think of how great it was that they gave up their careers and family at that time, and rushed forward to surround the homes of people. They marched forward regardless of their lives and safety. Four months before this major battle, in order to fight this battle successfully, no matter how big the sun is, no matter how hot is the sun is, they always take pains to train, is to serve the motherland; After four months, they with their training results, with their indomitable perseverance, to prove themselves. Before the Allies could get ashore, the enemy’s gunfire was pouring in, and the Allies could only do one thing, that is to use their own bodies to stop the bullets, for the people behind them to hold on for while. There were more and more dead bodies, gradually piling up into hills. Countless soldiers died in this battle, and they paid with their lives and their blood for ultimate victory, the glory, the success of their mission, the victory of golden beach, Juno beach, Omaha beach. They are honorable, they use their lives to lay a solid foundation for the anti-fascist campaign. The reason of Allies have certain advantages to this battles because at the time of the D-Day invasion, Germany’s forces were too dispersed, and because the eastern front was tight, the USSR counterattack also brought a great threat to the German army, which forced Germany to mobilize more soldiers from the western front, which created a vacuum of forces on the western front, giving the allies a great opportunity. The surrender of the Italian government necessitated Hitler’s stationing of troops in Italy. Which made the forced strength of the army even more difficult to make ends meet. In addition, the Japanese army was firmly tied to the Chinese, and the navy and air force were repeatedly defeated, which could not give Germany a tactical cooperation. It can be said that Germany at that time was difficult. Although the German command realized that the allies forces would conduct the landing, they agreed that in the area of gal, not in Normandy, where the weather was very bad. While in Normandy there was only a form defense. However this decision continued for a long time, and the tight German defense of the gal area was useless.

Throughout this battle, I could imagine that the cruelty of war, if i had been there I think I would have retreated and not been as brave and strong as those soldiers, they must have been prepared for this, knowing that once they were in the battle their lives it’s out of control. One of my friends, Danniel, after joining the army, was not able to use his phone for a few months. Everyday, he practiced with different intensity, sometimes woke up at three or four in the morning to run a few miles, not just like the normal running we did but run with weapons and weapon body armor, which is really heavy. Instructors are not satisfied and can not rest until the instructors are satisfied with the nod. That’s how he does it step by step. 

07 July 2022
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