Development Of Smart Control System On Electrical Safety In Domestic Areas

Nowadays, a smart control system in domestic area focuses on improving people's quality of life. For example, smart control system will turn on moisturizer automatically if it 7 senses that air humidity in room is out of range. Moreover, a smart control system can be used for improving safety level in domestic area. For instance, passive infrared sensor in intelligent system can detect any people who enter the house, and then it will send the warning message to occupant to inform them that security risk. The common feature of these systems is that a perception system is used to monitor the condition in home and measures will be implemented automatically to respond to the problem finding in house.

In 2001, a remote inspection and control system of refrigerator has been established in order to cope with the occurrence of an abnormal condition of the refrigerator quickly and suitably. Although this invention force on an electrical appliance, it also include the common feature of smart control system. First, many sensors are used in the system to monitor the state and behavior of the refrigerator. Second, a compensating operation will be executed automatically to recover any abnormal condition. We can see that the aim of this invention is similar to smart home system promoted in recent year. It is because the concept of this invention is close to Internet of Things.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept about information interaction between people and appliances. An IoT system can be divided into three-layer structure: perception layer, network layer and application layer. Perception layer is responsible for data collection which aims to collect physical information of appliances to monitor their state and behavior. Sensor used in refrigerator can be classified as a part of perception layer. Perception system in perception layer also needs to capable for data transmission that processing center can receive the physical information for further analysis. For example, refrigerator consist with a communication means, so it can connect to home LAN and then transfer information to internet by home gateway.

Home gateway belongs to internet layer which is responsible for data transfer and command delivery through Internet. Wi-Fi technology is an example used as a media for connecting to Internet. Then, we can access the smart control system by any human interface which can connect to Internet. In the past, the terminal unit of a computer is always used as a human interface. It means that we only can access smart control system in front of the computer which stays at a particular place.

Fortunately, the development of mobile technology let us connect to Internet with smartphone. Therefore, we can access to smart control system in anywhere at any time. About appliance layer, it means any technology using IoT system, such as, e-health appliance, power management appliance and smart home appliance. However, the appliance of electrical safety is not popular, because the study of IoT system most focus on network construction.

18 March 2020
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