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Different Meanings Of Wealth In Different Contexts

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Wealth is an “abundance of valuable possessions or money. ” Poverty is the manner in which culture continuously dehumanizes people and condemns them to unlivable circumstances while calling them ‘poor’. Those in society assume that the process that produces poverty is normal and therefore fair. Many who have obtained wealth, think of themselves as higher, or better than others with less than them. Our society has warped itself around the idea that wealth means power. People with less money therefore have less power. They are then subjected to worse treatment. This treatment to those facing poverty can be best described as dehumanization. In different ways, wealth can have very different meanings.

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Wealth signifies power in many ways. People with wealth enjoy a life of luxury. This can include buying premium services like amazon prime, netflix, and music services. With more money, there are more options in life. More wealth can earn a higher social class, which leads to more respect. Most people say, ‘Money isn’t all, money doesn’t bring happiness to our lives, etc. ‘, but money brings comfort to life. I believe that money can buy goods of value such as healthy food, a better and more comfortable shelter or branded clothes to make our life more comfortable. Quality goods usually cost more than regular products. Money will satisfy the wishes of one. We don’t have to worry about our daily life or any financial issue with money. We can buy things like a big house or car, for example, so that we and our family can live in a comfortable environment. Income makes life easier, therefore, and money brings peace to life.

Wealth can also bring interdependence, people with good earnings can be financially independent as they are comfortable in enjoying their desired lifestyle without fear of over-expenses. They will face fewer problems including having a limited budget or cutting expenses to maintain their current lifestyle. Citizens will fix some of their dilemma with enough money so they won’t be frustrating in solving the issues. Wealthy people can also send their kids to a successful school or college without using government study loan. You also have the wealth of leisure. This is wealth in time. Some people have the stressful life of constantly being forced to work. People with more money can take days off, and have time to spend with friends and family.

Wealth can also be described as having knowledge and wisdom. The more wisdom that you have in life, the father you can go. Better education is the road to knowledge development and life achievement. The extra education that a person could receive on some subjects would allow them to build better informed decisions that would result in higher income or better equipment. Good education is the key to getting a good solid job that can help us have a decent lifestyle. Knowledge leads to life’s progress as well. It is important for anyone who succeeds in learning different skills in their profession or business. Interactions, scheduling, efficiency and innovation are involved. The strategy for communicating and persuading customers to buy their brand must be learned. With enhanced knowledge and education, we can build our mid-set to address various issues. We can also expand our minds by thinking outside the box and producing the best results. It could be really useful by the force of knowledge we possess, if we can find out the easy part to solve if it is in our expertise and then we emerge from the root itself. The solution may not come immediately, but as we thought about the question from a different point of view over and over again, we might just find the right explanation.

Wealth can represent many different things. People without it, however, lack many enjoyable features in life. They might also be scrutinized for how lack of wealth inhibits their possessions. As a country of wealth, we mainly depend on people in poverty from other countries to supply us with our goods. These are people who are treated in the rudest manner, with little to no food, and very little significance. Even though they have little wealth, they are the same as everyone else, they are humans too. It is strange how money can determine someone’s life and how they will be treated. Wealth can also be very useful in certain situations, such as living a comfortable life, having leisure/time, power, and knowledge.

31 October 2020

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