Different Types Of Hormon Therapy

Therapeutic Hormone

Therapeutic hormone can be defined as it is the use of synthetic or naturally occurring hormones to prevent from a particular disease or symptom.Any substance that forms naturally in body of multicellular organism is known as hormone. It is produced by endocrine gland. Hormones help in controlling activities of cells or organs in body and serve as chemical messenger. Therapeutic hormone is formed by changing production or activity of specific hormone in body.

Types of Hormone TheropyHormone replacement Theropy

Hormone replacement theropy is used to cure signs of menopause.During menopause, estrogen level of women body falls and due to it some women felt uneasy signs like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. So Hormonal replacement theropy or estrogen replacement theropy is most successful treatment for menopause signs.This theropy may prevent from symptoms that are caused by circulating estrogen and progesterone in body of women. It may use one or more type of medications that are used to empower the hormonal level.

There are two types of this theropy that are Estrogen only theropyEstrogen is providing to body to get relief from menopause symptoms. It is prescribed to women that have no uterus due to hysterectomy.Estrogen plus progesterone theropy Progesterone is added with estrogen theropy to prevent women with uterus against uterine cancer from estrogen alone. Estrogen gives body in form of doses. Estrogen comes in different forms. Daily pill and patches are famous form of estrogen.Estrogen hormone can also be given in form of vaginal ring, gel or spray. Vaginal ring is given hen women face vaginal dryness during menopause.

Androgen replacement theropy

Due to disease or aging testosterone level become low in body of male so androgen replacement theropy is used to treat this. IF a man has signs of low testosterone level, then doctor suggest this theropy. Symptoms includeLow sex driveDecreased musle massBody and facial hair lossDepressionIf men have low level of testosterone but do not show any symptom, no treatment is recommended.Androgen replacement theropy is accessible in different forms. All this theropy can improve testosterone level.Testosterone is given to body in form of skin patch (Androderm) , Gels ( Androgen , Testim ) , Mouth patch and in form of injections and implements.

Growth hormone theropy

Growth hormone theropy is cure of growth hormone shortage in body of adults and children.Growth hormone such as somatotrophin is injected in body by patient or a family member.Somatotrophin normally exists in pituitary gland and its function is to encourage growth and cell reproduction in body.Daily doses of growth hormone are needed during this theropy. Cholestrol level, blood glucose level and bone density are checked by doctor to confirm that patient is healthy.Deficiency of growth hormone leads to high cholesterol and osteoporosis.Hormone theropy to treat cancerHormone theropy is used to treat cancer and stops the growth of cancer tumor that use hormone to grow.This theropy used to cure signs in men that have prostate cancer. Prostate and breast cancer tumors used hormone for their growth , so it’s necessary to control the growth of this hormone. This theropy is providing after surgery to reduce the risk of cancer to come back.About 2 breast cancers have hormone positive receptor. Cancer cells have receptors on which estrogen or progesterone hormone bind. For this, high estrogen level help the cancer cell to grow and spread .

Most type of hormone theropy for cancer either low estrogen level or stop estrogen level to treat cancer. Hormonal theropy can be given in different ways like oral pills , through injection or through surgery in which hormone producing organ is removed from body. In men testies are removed while in women ovaries are removed.


Hormones are chemicals in body . Thy control cell or organ work. With hormone therapies, the important factor is whether the molecular structure of replacement hormone is exactly match with the natural hormone it is replacing. Our body recoginize them as their own hormone and metabolize them just as our body had made them.

Therapeutic EnzymesIn disease treatment, enzyme therapies are become more widespread.From many decays enzyme therapies are used to treat a number of diseases.With recent advancement in gene theropy, treatment through enzyme theropy becomes less but still more than 300 of diseases can be cured only by enzyme theropy

Enzyme Used in Theropies:

Pancreatic enzyme replacement theropy

In this theropy digestive enzymes are given to patients in form of tablets.Enzyme supplements have pancreatin that is mixture of pancreatic enzyme, lipase, amylase and protease. These enzyme help in digestion of fats , carbohydrates and proteins.Different enzyme doses are given to different people .It varies with its requirement. When enzyme tablet is engulf , it travels to stomach. In stomach, granules are released. Enzyme become activated in small intestine and done breakage of food allowing nutrients to be absorbed.


A specific enzyme known as nattokinase has fibrinolytic activity. This enzyme is obtained from a Japanese food natto that is formed by soya bean through fermentation process.Nattokinase cause gentle increase in fibrinolysis in plasma and act as thrombolytic agent at site of blood clots. Nattokinase works by stopping the blockage of plasminogen activator and degrade the clotting process.In animals, it can reduce stiffening of blood vessel walls that can lead to endothelium disease.Nattokinase also breakup clots that are formed in vessels and prevent from injury. So it shows that nattokinase prevent or cure from Atherosclerosis disease. This enzyme is taken orally in body.Other applications of nattokinase are curing cardiovascular diseases like sroke, angina and peripheral vascular disease.

Serrapeptase for inflammation

Serrapeptase is isolated from serratia E15 which live in intestine of silkworm. Enzyme help silkworms to dissolve their own cocoons.Serrapeptase is used widely as anti inflammatory agent for curing conditions such as chronic sinusitis , sprains and strains , edema and even at postoperative inflammatory states.It is also used to cure chronic conditions.The treatment with this enzyme lasted for 7 to 8 days and patient felt improvement in symptoms after 2 to 3 days.

DNAase I

TheropyCystic fibrosis also known as mucoviscidosis is genetic disease that affects the lungs, pancreas, liver and intestine. During this disease ,viscous mucus is produced in respiratory track. DNAaseI is given in an aerosol mist to lungs of cystic fibrosis patients and their long polymeric DNA chains hydrolyze into short oligonucleotide . Enzyme decreases the mucus viscosity in lungs and gives patients relief from pain.

Lipase Enzyme Theropy

When lipid accumulates in cells or certain organs , Gaucher disease occurs. It is genetic disease caused by deficiency of glucocerebrosidase enzyme . This enzyme act on glycolipid glucocerebroside.When this enzyme is not in good form glucocerebroside accumulate in different organs. This results in several diseases like anemia, low blood platelets and other painful neurological disorders.These severe disorders are treated by enzyme replacement theropy. Low level of Glycolipid glucocerebrosidase enzyme is balance by the enzyme replacement theropy with modified version of enzyme .This enzyme break down the glucocerebroside that accumulate in different organs .Treatment is given in form of infusions after every 3 weeks.Following enzyme replacement drugs are used for theropy Cerezyme (imiglucerase)VPRIV (Velaglucerase alpha)Elelyso (tailglucerase alpha )Other therapeutic enzymes and their applications as therapeutic agent is listed as follow Enzyme Therapeutic applicationAsperginase LeukemiaLysozymes AntibioticUricase GoutUrease Renal failureTyrosinase Liver failure

03 December 2019
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