Disabled And Selfish People In the Story "Good Country People"

The story “Good Country People “might be viewed by disabled and selfish people. Joy leg was blown off at the age of 10. Her mother is taken good care of her while she’s disabled. She has a harsh attitude towards her mother. She changed her name to Hulga. Her new name fitted her personality perfectly. Hulga personality is displeasing for a while not forever. Also, whenever she changed her name it symbolized rebellious.

In addition, due to her actions the story might be viewed by ungrateful people as well. Her mother would get up every morning to make her breakfast. She absolutely took everyone and everything in life for granted. It seems like she was never really pleased with anything. On the bright side she was extremely educated. She was disabled because she had a wooden leg. She's not mentally disabled by any means. There were no excuses for how disrespectful she was. Hulga was a full-grown lady that knew right from wrong.

Next, her view of the world was very negative which impacted her life tremendously. Selfish people could probably relate to when Hulga wanted everything to go her way. Even though she was 32 yr. old she acted like she was a big kid. Just because you’re disabled doesn’t mean you can do whatever. Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, at the end of the day. Some people may have the mindset of Hulga and thinks the world revolves only around them. Some ill people live their life in evil because there not expected to be in this world that long. In Hulga case that’s just what she did live her life being mean which is very selfish to yourself and others.

As a result, the story could be viewed by smart people because she has a doctoral degree. You’re never smarter than everyone I don’t care what title you have behind your name. In the story she tries to lure a bible salesman on for whatever reason. Her plan failed in fact it left her heartless and sad. Innocent people could seem so harmless but are very dangerous. In this case the bible salesman didn’t have any education behind him. He simply convinced her with flattering words. At the end he got just what he wanted was her wooden leg he took from the disable. She assumed he was a Christian, nice, charming guy when he was really the devil in waking life. This event in the story of Good Country People was very important.

Finally, this story could be viewed by multiple of people such as smart, selfish, disabled, and ungrateful. Hulga is a set example of what being evil and not believing in anything leads you. Even the smartest people end up in bad situations at times. Also, how you shouldn’t take things for granted, or people. Some people may seem appealing until there true colors reveal. The people that might view this story most likely have similar traits to Hulga. Towards the end she learns that being mean, vicious doesn’t take you anywhere in life. Others definitely can relate to this issue sooner or later in life. 

07 July 2022
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