Discovering How Person Can Control Their Destiny By Analysing Malcolm Gladwell’S Outliers

Some people believe their destinies have already been determined. In fact, people can control what happens in their lives as every decision is in their control. Destiny, which is fate, is the events that will happen in a person’s life. Of course, people’s opinions, such as what people think about the others and what people think about the others’ work, are not in our control. However, most of the situations happening in people’s lives can be controlled by themselves since they created their own paths. In Outliers, it is trying to convince that destiny is not predetermined as they can work hard to succeed in their field. In Into the Wild, the author is telling people that people can actually control their decision by providing examples of the wild actions Chris McCandless did in his life. As evident in Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and Into the Wild by Job Krakauer, the text that most convincingly answers the question: How much of what happens in our lives do we actually control, is Outliers because there are several studies done by researchers showing that people can control their destinies.

Outliers is the most convincing text since it includes a lot of scientific based researches validating their claim. Every task requires a significant amount of practice to be mastered. “Researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours”. In other words, for example, if anyone practices a musical instrument or do sports for ten thousand hours, he will definitely master that field. Because of this, people can actually control whether they will be successful or not in the future by a lot of practicing. “Nor they can find any ‘grinds’, people who worked harder than everyone else, yet didn’t have what it takes to break the top ranks”. It proves that people be the top if they work harder than everyone else. This is convincing because it is proven by studies and trials. Hence, everything happens in people’s lives is in control of their hands as they can prepare for it.

Another text Into the Wild is strong to answer the question of how much of what happens in our lives do we actually control, as well. In the text, Chris McCandless made a bunch of wild decisions which shocked everyone. “He would shortly donate all the money in his college fund to OXFAM America, a charity dedicated to fighting hunger”. Chris donated all of his money even though his family did not expect he would do that. This is significant as no one can manipulate others’ decisions, but themselves. Chris also went away for a couple months without a plan. “He’d loaded all his belongings into his little car and headed west without an itinerary”. Thus, people can actually do whatever they want. As a result of this, Into the Wild answers the question by providing examples of what he has done in his life. Clearly, this text is convincing to answer the prompt question as it reveals the fact that people are in control of their destinies.

After analyzing Outliers and Into the Wild, the text that most convincingly answers the question of how much of what happens in our lives do we actually control is Outliers as there are multiple studies done by experts prove that everyone can make their future better by working hard for a long time. People can master a field by focusing on it for ten thousand hours. According to Into the Wild, everything that happens in people’s lives for a reason and people are in control of it. Everyone is able to create their own paths with making decisions differently than anyone else. Overall, Outliers most convincingly answers the prompt question since it proves that destiny is in control of a person’s hands with scientific based evidence. Starting changing small habits from today and achieve something big!

31 October 2020
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