Discussion Of Whether Hamlet Is Mad Or Just Pretending

“To be or not to be,” chances are you’ve heard this popular phrase,from the play Hamlet. “Hamlet” is a tragedy written by Shakespeare . The play shows how the prince of Denmark also known as Hamlet who is the main character experiences many different and puzzling emotions. The play displays the revenge of of Prince Hamlet after his father King Hamlet's death. Not long after King Hamlet's death Claudius, Hamlet's Uncle marries his mother which puts Hamlet in a state of shock and suspicion. To later see his father King Hamlet in shape of a ghost. Hamlet speaks to his father and learns that Claudius is responsible for the death of his father by pouring poison down his ear while he was sleeping. Hamlet changes mood from a depressed individual to a motivated individual who must avenge the death of his father. Especially after the ghost then asks Hamlet to avenge his death. In order to achieve his goal of avenging his father prince Hamlet pretends to be mad but only as a way to keep his cover from his uncle’s suspicions. However as the play goes on many people believe him to be going mad. The question still remains however: is Hamlet mad or is he just pretending? There is strong evidence for both sides however Hamlet always questioned his thoughts and had full control of his actions, reasoning behind his motive, and always had one goal in mind he wanted to achieve.

First off the definition of mad/insane is in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill. When the ghost first talked to Hamlet he thought he was crazy. However Horatio, and the 3 guards also saw the ghost. This shows that Hamlet isn’t crazy because he also saw something that 3 other people did. Hamlet informs his friends and his mom his plan to pretend to act mad. He doesn’t tell them the whole plan however. Hamlet also tells Horatio that if notices any strange behaviour its because he is faking it and putting on a act. This shows that all along Hamlet is not mad. Also some of the other people catch on that Hamlet is not crazy. For example Claudius says that Hamlet's Behavior and actions “although are strange, do not appear to stem from madness.' This means his actions may be weird but not insane. Another example is when Polonius says that Hamlet's actions and words have a method to them, so that there might be a motive behind them, and they make sense so they must come from him. It shows that even though Hamlet is acting mad he has total control of what he is doing.

Hamlet has reasoning for acting in such a way as he displays. There is a good reason to act in such a “mad” way after seeing a ghost, losing someone important to you, and discovering the truth of who murdered that special person. After the ghost tells Hamlet the truth about Claudius and requests Hamlet to avenge him. The prince must make a plan to avenge his father's death but does not reveal what he has discovered to anybody else. Hamlet proceeds to achieve his goal by setting up a play to reenact the scene of his father's death in hope of reaction from his uncle or even confession. During the reenactment of the play scene when the murderer pours the poison into the sleeping king’s ear, Hamlet catches Claudius rise and crie out for light. Hamlet takes those actions of evidence that Claudius indeed is responsible for his father's death. He is now sure he can proceed to avenge his father. Hamlet shows he still thinks no matter what. He made sure to not take the ghost's words, for ones of truth. One good example is when Hamlet had thoughts of murdering Claudius in his bedroom, alone and unprotected while he prayed, but thought twice about his actions . He reasoned with himself like any sane person. This shows Hamlet can think for himself.

From the beginning Hamlet had a goal he wanted to achieve, and that was avenging his father's Death. During the reenactment of the play Hamlet stuck to his plan of finding if the king was indeed the true killer. He made sure to confirm it with evidence before pursuing on. He was very Diligent and never once committed a action of true insanity. Hamlet held his composure and didn't kill himself unlike Ophelia who went crazy and couldn't handle the stress proving the fact Hamlet never went crazy. Hamlet even confessed to his friends he would fake his insanity. If he was Insane he would have not told anyone from the beginning. Hamlet did everything possible to seem crazy but acted with planned actions and thought straight to execute his plan. The one goal that the prince always had in mind was to avenge his father's death.

Many people can argue that Hamlet was actually crazy. Hamlet's actions can alone show that. Hamlet questions whether or not he should exist. Many times he can’t distinguish reality from his fantasy world of pretending. He is also overwhelmed with the thoughts of suicide and this shows his side of depression. Hamlet shows he is severely depressed because of his father's death and the remarriage of his mother and wishing that his 'flesh' would 'melt'. Also those who could see the ghost like his mother saw Hamlet as a Madman. Hamlet could also be called crazy for the fact that he was under distress and anguish making him do absurd things. Hamlet however shows he has no intention to do anything besides achieve his one goal which is to avenge his father's death.

The definition of mad/insane is in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction. Hamlet showed his was sane to all of these. Hamlet always questioned his thoughts and had full control of his actions. He never made a action without thinking thoroughly. Hamley had reasoning behind his motive. He acted insane and did things from the normative but only to insure his plan worked. Hamlet always had one goal in mind he wanted to achieve and that was to avenge his father's death. Hamlet made sure to do whatever he needed to do to ensure his goal was achieved.  

16 December 2021
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