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Divorce Vs Toxic Relationship 

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Divorce has become a debatable topic because of the loss of family structure and foundation.

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Living in a toxic relationship effects the two partners and their child, if any involved in negative ways. The reason why I chose this topic is because it has been a main topic of many debates, as it is a very serious thing for many people, and for some people it is still a very confusing question whether they want to stay in a bad relationship or to seek for a divorce, as divorce arise many other complications like the custody of the child, it also involves lawyers and a hefty amount of paper work. Also because it is still considered to be a taboo topic in the society.

Facts and Statistics

Approximately 64% of the people around the world aren’t aware of how to fight for their rights, mental health and living conditions (marriage), they don’t even consider the option of divorce as a solution

According to the source CDC, taken in 2011

27.6% of the Women under the age of 20 take divorce , 36.6% of the women with the age of 20 to 24 have taken divorce

11.7% of the men under the age of 20 have taken divorce , 38.8% of the men divorced around the age of 20 to 24. As the age increases the amount of divorce taken decreases.

On a monthly online survey in august 2015, it was said that most of the divorce taking place were because of financial issues that were causing too much stress and work load.

On average, a person spends about two years thinking about divorce before taking action.

42-45% percent of first marriages end in divorce. Around 8 years is the average length of first marriage that concludes to divorce.

60% of second marriages end in divorce and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Some of the divorce have taken place because of how the partner looks and many other invalid reasons. An approximate age for couples going through divorce is 30 years old.

What are the issues problems with this topic ?

Holding onto a toxic relationship prevents personal growth. In a toxic relationship there is lot of blaming. A person may have many regrets to what they might have said to the other person , it could also impact you or the other person really bad ,for example if a really important decision was to be taken and both the participants refuse to behave and think rationally there might be wrong or little to no result however a healthy relationship on the other hand encourages growth and support.

There are a few advantages of living in a toxic relationship. When two people decide to stay in a toxic relationship their main focus is always on the child, who then would have the support of both of the parents.

Letting go of a toxic relationship creates room for a healthier one.

Letting go of a toxic relationship enables you to work on your mental health and to enter a better and a healthy relationship


In a toxic relationship the child gets affected as much as the partners. A toxic relationship causes anxiety, depression, physical illness, or even lead to suicidal thoughts and actions to you and your child. When the two people in a toxic relationship are having an argument, they say things that are not supposed to be said around the child. For example “if our child was not there we would not have been together for so many years!” such things would affect the child’s mind in many ways and would leave to negative thoughts.

You never feel good enough

You always feel the need to get approval otherwise you end-up thinking that you are not good enough. And even if you do everything to please them, it does not work and take a good toll on your self-esteem.

Solutions to the problems stated above

Pursue self-growth.

Take your spare time to understand your partner better, or to fix the flawed relationship . Use your energy to pursue self-growth, Start meditating or writing your thoughts down, read self-help books, or take up weekly psychotherapy. If things still do not work out its better to let go of such a relationship and take divorce .

Effect on child

Incase the parents opt out for a divorce, the child should be considered as the first priority and should be handled with utmost care. Their daily routines should not be disturbed and the parents should try to minimize the changes as much as they can. The child should under any circumstances not feel abandoned and left out.

Not good enough

“Communication is the key to a healthy relationship”

To overcome a toxic relationship you sit with you partner , talk like adults and see what are the things you appreciate about them and vasa ,versa after a few hours of discussion come down to a solution whether you want to take divorce or rather try to make things workout.

Give your opinion .

In my opinion Divorce is the only better solution to these problems you could also go on a vacation or take a break , consulting a therapist , psychiatrist , if there are still problems then I think divorce should be considered a priority. As living in a toxic relationship would not help you in any way, it would be against personal growth , a healthier relationship , feeling good about yourself. I first thought taking divorce is better than living in a toxic relationship, but after the researching I think it depends on the situation.


Divorce should be considered only if there is no solution to the problem . if the problem could be solved without any stress of divorce then that would be a better option.

07 September 2020

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