Dream Job Is About the Development of Necessary Skills

The first question I got it always when I talk about my dream job in the information technology sector why you need your MBA degree?

There is a gap exists between the “tech” language of developers, IT Engineers, and customers or business people. The Tech people love and use acronyms, explore the latest technology. It is usually quite difficult to understand for a manager or a business person whose focus is revenue or, getting the latest company product to the market or, delivering a marketing campaign, or simply reporting to the board. They are two different worlds that need each other desperately to move a project forward. This excitement is usually quite difficult to understand for a manager or a business person whose focus is revenue or, getting the latest company product to the market or, delivering a marketing campaign, or simply reporting to the board.

As a Manager, I able to translate the business needs of stakeholders into my team and likewise make the business aware of the implications (time, money, complexity, maintainability) of their requirements. In my experience, highly skilled tech people do not fare well when they need to manage others.

I must serve as a bridge between the technical and business sides. By listening to my teams, let them explain in layman's terms their issues. As a manager who has technical know-how of the technologies used in his project, he can go the extra mile to be of great value not only to the team but to the company. As Its manager, I must have these primary skills:

  • Interpersonal skills: unlike other positions, we don’t work in complete isolation. But the vast majority of IT employees work in collaborative environments, interacting with project managers, developers, quality assurance personnel, and other members of the organization. I can communicate effectively in a group setting and become used to explaining difficult concepts to those who do not speak in the same technical terms. I have to improve my primary interpersonal skills needed on the job include active listening, negotiation, and the ability to work well alongside others of diverse backgrounds and opinions.
  • Adaptability: as the technology industry is changing faster than any in other fields, I adaptable on the job.
  • Business acumen: even I am not on the front lines of product development, marketing, or sales, As IT Manager I must have the right amount of business knowledge to understand what it takes to “sell” and their work to the rest of the company. I need to have a good sense of business to demonstrate to key decision-makers just how important my job is and how their work affects the organization’s bottom line on the whole. It’s not enough to have the right technical skills today if IT professionals can’t translate this internal success in external ways. I should learn how to anticipate questions, interact with executives and be confident about the impact I give on their company. In today’s competitive job market, IT management professionals need to have a strategic mind for business in addition to technical and other soft skills. I will be responsible for hiring and training new employees, managing the IT budget, supervising the day-to-day operations, and troubleshooting the information systems. I evaluate factors that put the IT system at risk and make sure equipment and procedures are up to speed with the latest technologies.

Also, I know I have to work on other skills such as (leader — Monitor — disturbance handler, and negotiator)

I will keep in always mind the POLC model (planning — organizing — leading — controlling) as functions management when I'm setting my goals, establishing strategies and developing plans when coordinate activities, determining what needs to be done, how it will be done, and who is to do it, motivating leading, and any other activities involved in dealing with people, monitoring activities to ensure that they are accomplished as planned to achieve the organization stated purposes

Overall my first decision as a manager I will improve training programs for all employees in my department because we are working on the daily updated sector which needs team up to date to achieve goals with low resources waste (high efficiency) and goal attainment (high effectiveness). Being an expert in technology does not automatically make me the best-suited person to manage the rest of the team. As a manager, my main role is to manage the project, not get into the technical decisions even with my technical experience as a manager, my primary job is to communicate and manage my team. 

01 August 2022
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