Globalization in Education: An Evolving Landscape of Learning

Education Reflection: Essay About Globalization in Education. Since then there are many problems in education that is needed to be addressed it needs action and plans to respond to it. Accordingly now time flies very fast and education is the important thing to be input to everybody because it plays an important role in our every day lives. It awakens every citizen of our country to face the reality and make education as our stepping stone to advocate change, a change that can build a new and better nation like the other countries which I admire but I believe sooner or later we will be able to cope with them.

Now we have the education for all which aims in improving education in all countries and I think this is good that they established it since 1990 to now. What are the things we need to look into to know the reasons why things became like this and that and how and what are the things that we can do to consider improving it and take actions? It's not only in the Philippines but also to the other participating counties worldwide.

Upon knowing the report in 2015 about our case is that, it's a little sad and somehow quite good since there's an improvement, but it just that it does not reach the EFA 2015 target because the same problem still occur, such as there's still dropout students, have low grades. The most vulnerable and disadvantage students aren't given enough of attention and another is the competency of our educators that needs improvement. So those problems will definitely affect our education status.

Though its getting closer to better result but still I further wish that everybody should exert more effort to have progress and reach the set goal of education for all like the early childhood level. From the EFA 2015 Philippines report also in basic education in the learning and life skills for youths and adults in literacy in gender parity and the quality and equality education.

Those matters are very well-known to all hence for us to be truly accelerate and reach the EFA target all strategies', education sectors, policymakers, other organizations relative in empowering education should work together and check every detail that requires more attention and take action for it including our government.

During our discussion, we said that we are one of the countries who got the high budget in education. In order to show that there's really an improvement that is happening, we should pay by showing how far we've got, that the learner's then are now professionals, the rate of literacy increased, percentage of enrolled students is higher compared to the previous surveys, violations towards learners are now eradicating, competency of teachers locally and globally improved, actions for devastating disasters are planned accordingly through proactive measures, and other factors that hinders in attaining quality education should be addressed like poverty or climate change and our economy status as well so that it will smoothly develop to a more effective and outclass education with better result.

Hence, let's take action for it. Action that will definitely improve education to a greater degree with a better system and well-constructed curriculum.

11 October 2022
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