Effective Communication - The Key To Increasing Productivity In Brick And Mortar Retail Outlets

The retail industry has undergone a massive facelift in the past decade especially due to an influx of online players. With numerous customer-centric facilities to offer, these e-retailers that have mushroomed overnight are slowly squeezing traditional stores out of the game. Older shopping hubs must pull up their socks and leverage their biggest strength, their human resources, if they intend to put up a worthy fight to retain their share of the pie. Polishing the employee engagement strategy and giving the communication infrastructure a technology-induced shine can be instrumental in developing an efficient workforce that works diligently towards driving up customer satisfaction.

The cornerstone of any successful workforce engagement strategy is enhanced communication. This fact is particularly true in the case of the retail industry which is vastly dissimilar from any other sector primarily because of the way it is structured. Employees usually do not work at a desk as they are required to man large floor spaces. Establishing interconnectivity amongst stores is no mean feat, and yet it is an absolute necessity. Keeping your staff up-to-date and connected helps in grooming them and also retaining them, all of which eventually ties into a common conclusion – increased profitability. A well-informed and sufficiently equipped front line executive can provide customers the top-notch experience that reels them in over and over again.

By achieving the following things, an active communication system helps raise the engagement level of teams in a retail facility:


Employees Clued-In – Changes in store policies, critical financial decisions, and modifications in the product catalogue are all examples of informational nuggets that are of significant value to employees. Free flow of such information promotes transparency which in turn helps in gaining the trust and loyalty of employees. Besides, easy access to information that can assist them in working more efficiently is a sure shot way to make employees feel empowered.

ConnectingEmployees - Helping employees who are placed across stores to intermingle is another way of ascertaining that you are building a work culture that binds people instead of being divisive. A reliable intra-company communication system promotes information sharing and networking amongst employees. It is a well-known fact that those who build positive relationships at work tend to stay put longer. Sharing best practices across stores through such a network can help improve the overall competence of your venture.



Productivity – When the staff is as diversely placed as in a retail setup, it becomes quite a task for leaders to manage teams. Slip-ups that hamper productivity are more likely to happen in a team where there is a shortage of communication. A robust team communication platform, preferably in the form of a mobile application, can help managers connect simultaneously with several team members, located at different stores. Such a system can be used to carry out managerial activities like assigning tasks, reviewing task status in real time, and answering employee queries related to the work delegated to them. An organised approach of this kind is sure to augment productivity as it leaves little room for shoddy work.


Space For Employee Delight – Employee recognition programs as well as internal feedback systems can be built using a mobile application-based internal communication system. Similarly, training modules that simulate real-life scenarios and, therefore, require team collaboration are also possible as a feature within a sophisticated internal communication application. Such initiatives are essential when it comes to creating a delightful work environment for your employees.


Customer Experience – Imagine, if you will, a scenario where you visit a store looking for a specific pair of shoes in your size. Unfortunately, the branch you are at has run out of the style you are looking for. Instead of cutting a sorry picture by sending you home empty-handed, a friendly store executive whips out his smartphone and using a team communication app quickly checks for the desired pair of shoes in all sister stores in the city. You are not only given details of all the stores that carry the item you are looking for but also their exact locations. Such incredible customer service is bound to leave an indelible impression and establish customer loyalty.

Adopting cutting-edge communication tools offered by Office Curry to connect employees and keep them actively engaged and synced with the organisation can be a progressive step towards building an open and inclusive work culture. With a loyal and engaged employee base backing you, you can take on all kinds of competition without a fear in the world!

03 December 2019
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