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Environmental Protection Agency As A Protector To The Minority Communities

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Environmental justice can be described as the unfairness of distributing the toxic wastes from the facilities to our environment between communities of color and white. They are exposing the chemical hazard and toxic wastes within the area called “sacrificed zones”. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is standing for color and low-income communities. If the government lowers the fund budget to EPA, it is unacceptable action to indirectly separate the social classes straightforward. The minorities would live separately from white communities.

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There are many civil right movements from the minorities stand to keep funding EPA offices. In the Arkwright and Forest Park residents in Spartanburg city, South Carolina, inhabitants were living close sullied mechanical locales and a landfill and kicking the bucket of respiratory ailments and tumor at remarkable rates. They utilized a $20,000 natural equity allow from the EPA as seed cash to frame organizations with nearby organizations and government offices. Those partnerships, thusly, acquired more than $250 million foundation, network wellbeing focuses, moderate lodging, ecological regulation, and work preparing to the region (Buford, 2017). Chemical hazards are dumped in the garbage area cause land and water to contaminate. The EPA considered that is very serious problem that EPA office gives protection to the low-income and non-white communities by offering the better health care plans, housing, environment regulation. That is short-term solution since the fund is limited therefore, there will be more people is unprotected to toxin wastes yet have less access to reasonable medicinal services. EPA stands to protect for the earth, water, and land’s rights. Shutting the EPA and backtracking on this work would compound the present shameful acts. Starting at now, non-white individuals are almost twice as likely as white Americans to live inside a fence-line zone of a mechanical office. Water tainting, lethal concoction introduction, air contamination and the effects of environmental change all effectively affect as of now overburdened networks and get essentially less media and government consideration than when these dangers fall on wealthier white partners (Garcia, 2017). Climate is shifting toward dangerous zone.

The number is the number, it can lie and the government is blindfolding the residents to see the dangerous of our environment. The statistic of diseases such as respiratory, asthma, heart attacks are rising up daily. Children are in dangerous condition of facing bad environment conditions, which cause absence from school, emergency hospitalize. They are future generations and they are their parents’ ambition; who are now in poverty, working class that want their children to receive a better life than themselves. The possibility of natural prejudice is, similar to all notices of bigotry in America, questionable. Indeed, even in the period of environmental change, numerous individuals still view the earth for the most part as an arrangement of powers of nature, one that can not support or disapproval some gathering (Newkirk II, 2018). The working-class and low-income non-white should not familiar with environmental racism without doubt. They simply know about physical appearance racism, interpersonal racism, and cultural racism that directly hurt them when someone shows their action of racist. How could it possible that the air, water, and land used as a standard for racism.

Everyone breath the same air, drink the same water, live on the same planet.

However, the toxic facilities can choose the location they want to release their wastes. If there are regulation from government or groups like EPA that stands out to control the uneven expansion of toxic waste facilities. Moreover, without the agency, there would be no trusted resources for people to confirm that there is no nature power that destroy human’s lives; Human hurt human, the natural disasters happened to pay for what human did wrong. It is what we called “borrowing and repaying”. Government are required to consider the effects of natural and wellbeing related choices on poor people and minorities in any case — President Bill Clinton commanded they do as such in an official request.

However, by and by, that request was dubious and did not convey the power of law, leaving every president to choose nearly nothing, or the amount, to do (Buford, 2017). EPA is a strong protector to the minority communities where the residents are mostly non-white and low-income working families. If the government cut the fund to the agency, no one could know what is going to happen to the color communities, where they voice count a little in the society. As EPA is actively working so hard to help the minorities in particular, it also helps the earth to lean toward cleaner and nicer planet.

15 April 2020

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