Equality And Its Significance

The declaration of independence is the most important document for the United States. It is the foundation of what the United States is made about. In every government system there is going to be problems and here in the United States where most people are diverse culture. There is a lot of injustice with people of color, because in every government system the whites are superior than others. In the 21st century the tables are changing we are in a period of American history where everybody wants to see change in America. There has been a lot of injustice in every city and state that it is becoming unfair for innocent people. There are innocent people who are getting shot, lower wages, and respect just because it has different skin color.

I always used this phrase in high school and people will question me about the meaning of it. “Men are created equal, but some are equal than others” In today’s society there is a resistance that criticize people based on their social and economic status. People who are raised in middle-class communities or lower, men are always seen as criminals who are dangerous. There are a lot of injustice in the community towards men and women, there are more people than ever before that are raising their voice to make peace and justice.

The United States has a unique type government system that wants everyone in life’s to be respected and equal. That is why the bill of rights states that people have the freedom of speech, everyone has the power to change in law that affects the public health. The declaration of independence was written when white people owned black people as property. That was over 200 years old, time has changed and there is a lot of laws that being questioned. The bill of rights are important documents that the United States government should follow. “These amendments seemed to make the new government a guardian of people's liberties: to speak, to publish, to worship, to petition, to assemble, to be tried fairly, to be secure at home against official intrusion.”( Class Notes Pg. 2) There are a lot of situations where people have been discriminated and treated unfair because the law enforcement has not followed the constitution.

The belief of the founding fathers of the United States was that they wanted to make a country in favor towards the white people because the beginning of the United States was racist. However Jefferson was disappointed that a reference to the evil of slavery was removed at the request of delegates from the South.” (Thomas Jefferson Handout Pg. 2) The United States has an evil American history and the majority of that is because of racism. The United States had the longest lasting law that made it legal for people to buy black people. While our generation is changing to become more respectful and fighting for equality is a good thing for the American people because it can limit racism. Evil is what fueled persuade other people to start doing bad, for example with President Trump he has brought the racist people out of the shadows. Which is a bad thing for most diverse culture such as Hispanics, Africans, and Asians that get really affect. Under President Obama it was limiting the hate age between the American people and the president. The Americans at first were not happy having an African American president but over the years, they adapted to them witnessing that black people are not bad people after all.

Equality is a subject that needs practice to become stable in a government system, there is a lot of negativity that brings down the positive people. The evil people of this world have absorbs the energy of the positive people. There is a lot of things that the world needs help in achieving peace but it is going to take decades or generation to fix this injustice problem.

10 September 2019
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