The Future is Now: The Impact of Technology on Education


Education was once not available in certain parts of the globe. Even in countries where there was education, there have been still many issues with getting it to the overall public. Inventions like the web class room have improved education during a significant way and it's growing round the world a day. Technology has certainly changed the way we live. It has impacted different feature of life and redefined living. Undoubtedly, technology plays a crucial role in every aspects of life. This is essay about technology in education in which this topic is revealed.

Several manual tasks are automated, due to technology. Also, many complex and important processes is applied with ease and greater efficiency with the assistance of recent technology. Due to the applying of technology, living has changed and it's changed for better. Technology has revolutionized the sector of education.

The importance of technology in schools can't be ignored. In fact, with the onset of computers in education, it's become easier for teachers to impart knowledge and for college kids to amass it. Utilization of technology has made the method of teaching and learning all the more enjoyable. Traditionally education is centered on sources like schools, teachers and medium.

The learners reached the knowledge sources by enrolling with schools, teachers and libraries. Before the digital era, information wasn't accessible by the bulk of individuals, and even those accessed were unable to get current information with relevancy today’s context. The education is given the best priority and brainpower is becoming the foremost valuable asset of a corporation. Advances in digital technology have displayed many avenues of learning.


Era of 21st century is usually considered an era of technology. Today Technology plays an outstanding role in our life. Technology is seen as of growth of an economy in today’s scenario. An economy with poor technology can never grow. This is often because technology is a smaller amount time consuming and makes our work much easier. The impact of technology is often felt in every possible field one such field is Education.

Modern Technology in Education

As per the most recent findings on how exactly modern students of today opt to use technology and the way does their learning get a sway if they use technology, it absolutely was revealed that the employment of recent equipment technology and tools, the educational and interactivity of scholars increases. They also find it way more interactive, still as filled with interesting areas, when provided by technology. The transfer of data becomes very easy and convenient, still as effective.

What this implies is, that our minds now tend to figure faster when assisted with the employment of recent technology, be it any a part of life, here we discuss education. The reliance and dependence of such an innovation, that simply makes life a simple, smooth journey is totally unavoidable nowadays even in schools, universities and colleges.

Importance of Technology in Education

Role of technology within the field of education is fourfold: it's included as a component of the curriculum, as an instructional delivery system, as a way of aiding instructions and also as a tool to reinforce the whole learning process.  Education is important in corporate and academic settings. Within the former, education or training is employed to assist workers do things differently than they did before.  Within the latter; education is geared towards creating curiosity within the minds of scholars. In either case, the employment of technology can help students understand and retain concepts better. Students today make use of technology within the following ways:

  • Internet connection and around the clock connectivity.

The importance of internet has grown in by many folds, over the method of decade. Its importance within the education world can now never be undermined. Despite the probabilities of fraud and downsides, the employment of the web is sort of a blessing for college kids.

Today, the web is a few things that are present in almost everything we use. From television to gaming consoles, and our phones, the web is literally everywhere.

The use of the web allows students to seek out amazing convenience, they'll find various styles of help, tutorials and different kinds of assisting material which might be wont to academically improve and enhance their learning.

  • Using projectors and visuals

Visual images always have a powerful appeal compared to words. Using projectors and visuals to assist in learning is another style of great technological use. Top institutions round the world, now depend on the employment of wonderful PowerPoint presentations and projections so as to stay the educational interactive and interesting. Technological use like projectors within the faculties and colleges can take the interaction and interest levels right up and also improve motivation. Students wish to see appealing visuals and something that permits them to think instead of just reading words.

The learning part also becomes pretty efficient when it involves technology.

  • Online degrees with the employment of technology

Online degrees now became an awfully common phenomenon. People wish to require up online courses for his or her learning and certifications. Top institutions offer amazing online programs with the employment of assorted applications. This idea will still rise because it gets more support and awareness. The net degree scenario round the world is more famous among students who work and appearance for flexible studying programs.

  • The Global Impact of Online Classrooms

Online classrooms are being employed everywhere the planet and are creating global classrooms. This may help to extend the quantity of scholars in developing and aggregation countries to induce the education they have. Though the numbers of individuals enrolled in these schools remains under in America, it's climbing regularly. In fact, Russia had a rise in student registration by 230% in January of 2013.

With global classrooms quite just formal education will be found. There are sites that provide classes that may help to grant people more knowledge. 

Whether or not this can be something as simple as internet safety or something similar, it's still something that's worth knowing about. This may help to grant people more knowledge and understanding that may help them throughout their life. There are still some issues that the web classroom faces in other countries. 

One amongst the largest issues is that the undeniable fact that most classes are still in English. While there are some who may speak English, not all do, which may put certain students at an obstacle. There are many online classrooms that employment with translators and are slowly translating their courses in order that they will be employed by people all round the world.

  • The Tablet in Place of Text Books

There are several schools that have started moving to tablets rather than textbooks within the classroom. One school as an example is Clearwater high school. The high school first made the switch four years ago and therefore the results are outstanding. For example, the price for the books was significantly reduced. this is often because the Kindles the varsity uses only cost about $70 which might be but the price of 1 text book. The varsity found that this gave every student the flexibility to travel on the net which they'll not be able to do reception, easily carry around their textbooks and study wherever they were. They found that test scores for college students rose 18% the primary year that the Kindles were introduced. Students are able to see their homework assignments, complete work, read their textbooks and far more right at the touch of their finger.

Factors Affecting Technology in Education

Carl Jung talks about the big challenge teachers face in our society because of the rapid expansion of information.  The trendy technologies are demanding that teachers learn the way to use these technologies in their teaching. Increase in Technology increases the teacher’s training needs. Gressard and Loyd propounds that teacher's attitudes toward computers are considered as successful implementation of ICT in education. They recognized that teachers don't always have positive attitudes towards computers and their poor attitudes may result in a failure of the computer- based projects. Also the foremost commonly cited barriers are:

  • Lack of time;
  • Lack of access;
  • Lack of resources;
  • Lack of experience and
  • Lack of support.



To sum up educational technology essay, technology has made information accessible, transmittable from anywhere and by or to all or any groups of individuals. Integration of data, Communication, and Technology (ICT) help teachers to the world requirement to switch traditional teaching methods with a technology-based teaching and learning tools and facilities. The Ministry of Education, through the most recent Education Blue print, gives brief description about importance of technology-based teaching and learning into the schools’ national curriculum.  Education has reached most parts of the globe and ICT has become an elemental a part of human life.

10 October 2022
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