The Canadian Legalization of Weed: Benefits and Consequences

Legalization of marijuana was always a hot topic for Canadians and it has a huge history behind it. Everything began in 1801 when The Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada distributed weed seeds to farmers in order to make changes in the industry. In 1917 Canadians invented a machine which could make the hemp fiber easily separate from the internal core and the results helped to plant and produce more cannabis plants. Moreover, 1923 was the year where cannabis was deemed illegal in Canada and it was recognized as opium just like cocaine and morphine. In 1969 cannabis was already legal among medical users and the Canadian government formed Le Dain Commission to investigate people who were using cannabis recreationally the non-medically users. After 3 years the Le Dain Commission told the federal government to take it into consideration about removing criminal penalties for those people who were consuming and possessing weed. Things were slowly changing but no actual recommendations were made about the legalization outright. Afterwards, in 2001 the Canadian government ratified the first rendition for medical marijuana law, they allowed licensed patients to access cannabis from other licensed growers also allowing them to grow their own plants. 2006 was “complex” pot was literally everywhere they were a lot of drug dealers in the city, more than enough cannabis plants were produced and Prime Minister StephenHarper introduced a new national anti-drug strategy which included mandatory prison sentences for those who were dealing weed among the citizens, and growing more than 500 hemp plants. The consequences were severe and the maximum penalty was increased up to 14 years jail time from 7 years. After multiple debates whether recreational cannabis should be legalized or not, in October 17 2018 Justin Trudeo decided to make weed legal in all Provinces of Canada. Legalization is entirely different in every province and citizens are obligated to obey the rules if they don’t want to be punished by the law. In Ontario people who are 19 and above are legally allowed to consume cannabis in any form such as plant, vaporizer, edible, oil etc.

One of the most common questions is where can people smoke weed? For example sidewalks, parks where children are not around, a lot of people are allowed to smoke weed in scientific research and testing facilities only if it is for testing purposes. Many others are smoking in the guest rooms of their hotel and motel it is totally legal because they are actually rooms designed just for smoking. Despite all the places that are provided for people to smoke weed people have to pay close attention to the place where they cannot smoke or vape cannabis. It is strongly restricted smoking in indoor common areas such as universities/colleges, condos and apartment buildings, especially in the staircase and basement. There have been cases where people were legally charged for smoking in the staircase and they had to pay a lot of money. Smoking or vaping in school also around also around the is another big issue high schoolers are getting suspended for that and if they smoke constantly they will end up being expelled from their school. People think weed being legal gives them the opportunity to smoke anywhere where cigarettes are allowed to be smoked. It is partly true but smoking on children’s playgrounds and public areas within 20 metres of playgrounds is prohibited, infants and children who are very young should not be inhaling second hand smoke at all because it can cause health problems. So the government decided to penalize those people who tend to smoke on prohibited places. During the first day when cannabis was nationally legalized in that current time they were only few legal dispensaries where people could buy weed at any form such as pastries, oil, wax known as shatter even in liquid form such as thc syrup.

Legalization was made so people can smoke recreationally it is Doesn’t debatable. Teens who are 18 and below are not allowed to smoke vape or consume pot at all even adults do not have the legal right to give teenagers weed. Despite that legal users are allowed to possess 30 grams of dried cannabis (which is few grams more than an ounce) almost everywhere they go. Also they can take it with them in the airport and put it in their carryon while traveling anywhere in Canada it is totally legal and people won’t get punished for that. The punishment will be demonstrated for those who tend to illegally carry more than 30 grams of cannabis with them and this includes all the provinces in Canada. The maximum carryon is 30 grams not more and citizens are obligated to double check their amount before they step on a plane. Importing exporting of cannabis without federal authorization is illegal, Canada did not change Canada’s border rules, for those who will take cannabis into Canada will commit a huge mistake and will face serious penalties both abording and home.

It is also illegal to transport cannabis across Canada’s national borders too. If somehow someway people have cannabis with them when they enter Canada it is mandatory for them to declare the substance to the Canada Border Services Agency. If there is going to be a denial for against that compulsory law when they leave the airport and enter the streets of Canada those people could face enforcement action, including prosecution and most importantly an arrest.

Bringing cannabis into United States of America is totally a different scenario even cannabis was legalized in certain states. Things remain the same and some stuff might not even change, it is illegal under U. S. federal laws to bring weed from Canada in any type of shape and form not even a single milligram. If you end up bringing weed expect legal prosecution, fines and possibly jail time. The same rules relate to medical cannabis users too there is no exception made for them and there is nothing you can do all countries have their own weed laws from state to state, province to province even in some cases town to town.

10 October 2020
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