Ethical Implications Of Internet And Facebook’s Policies From A Privacy Perspective

On a daily basis there have been new changes in the technologies and internet around us from which we get to experience the positive as well as the negative outcomes of it. With increase in these issues such as computer crimes, privacy and so on, people who use internet on a daily basis get affected. So, we need to take a stand by rectifying and overcoming those issues. Some of the key issues are invasion of one’s privacy, communication issues, copyright issues and computer crimes. Extracting an individual’s information in today’s time is a very simple task for anybody. We get to know everything of a particular person right from his personal details, his travel history, his friends, his likes and dislikes just by typing his name. This information must be protected and measures have to be taken by an individual in safeguarding their personal details from public by just understanding the security features provided by that particular platform.

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Another key issue of the computer technologies and Internet are the crimes which occur. The availability of information that can be accessed with a computer paired with a lax attitude towards the security means credit card numbers and identities are constantly at risk. Entering your credit card details might be a day-to-day activity but we never know what’s going on behind. The computer technologies and the Internet have totally altered the communication among people. There are many means of communication using which one can communicate with the other such as using electronic mails, online messaging through various applications and so on. Apparently, the need for face-to-face conversation has been decreasing. Most of the important messages are being delivered through online applications or by other means thereby disturbing the human relations this is the one of the main problems. However, for people far away from each other, this means of communication is surely a savior.

In our social media-connected universe, it’s important to know how the information you’re sharing is being collected and used. The online document, called “Privacy Basics”, is separated into 3 sections:

  1. What others see about you.
  2. How others interact with you.
  3. What you see.

It also has options like un-tagging, unfriending, blocking and also what to do if your account has been hacked. It also explains what kind of information Facebook collects, how it is shared and how users can manage their information. Generally, Facebook asks permission to use our phone’s location for features like check-ins adding your location to posts. This becomes beneficial in getting to know the where about of a person in case of some emergency. This platform also has payments section where in if you like something on Facebook, you can make a purchase or make donation there. It has certain details such as the credit or debit card number, authentication information as well as billing, shipping and contact details which are secured privately without any third party’s intervention making the transactions easier and secure too. Also, if you do not wish to see any adds in particular, your decision automatically applies to every device you use to access Facebook.

One negative thing about this is that by default while creating an account, it becomes visible to everyone until it is not made private. However, even after changing the privacy settings, the private information has been leaked without one’s notice. Also, a lot of people’s account has been hacked several times resulting in disclosure of huge amount of private information such as images, designation, location, history which is not a very good thing.

So, certain measures such as making things easier for the users, establishing a quick response security team, starting educating the users, making privacy and security controls more business-friendly, not always trusting the third party partners must be taken in such a way that these problems may be rectifies and overcome as soon as possible making people feel more secure about their private information.

03 December 2019

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