Facilitating Teams And Group Dynamics Schedule: Personal Leadership Style Assignment

Activity description

Survey of a hilly area during my graduation in which we did contouring. As we were a group of 8 members. To complete this activity, it took 7 days. For this survey there were various equipment’s required such as theodolite, spirt level, table, table stand, rods, big scales. To do the survey of the area we locate four points in that area which make it easy for us to do the contouring. Everybody in our group had different roles and they know that what they have to do which make it easier to complete the survey. As I was the group leader of the group, so I have the more responsibility and I did my responsibility very well.

Personal values:

I was punctual on each day and make sure that everyone in my group were on time because to become successful in life punctuality is the most important thing.

I was helpful to everyone, if any member in my group was facing problem I went to them and solve their problem.

I was straightforward to each member and if someone was not doing their duty well whether it was my friend I scold them and make them to do their role well.

On each day before the start of the survey I set up all the equipment’s at there position so that we can start our task on time.

Shared vision:

I always make a task challenging so that my team mates go the extra mile to complete the task so that they can feel that they can do anything and never run from any challenges.

Moreover, on each day everyone in my group had different roles so that they never get bored by doing same things all the time and got a chance to learn new tasks.

Whenever in my group did their task well I always appreciate them which inspire them to do their task with more dedication.

I always did innovate things to complete the task, which make the task more interesting.

Issues and Problems:

In this survey we faced lot of problems to complete the task and most of the problems were due to geographical condition. As the area was not plain and sometime when we were taking the readings the scale was not visible to us from which we measuring the heights. So, to solve this problem we put that scale on the head of my team member, which look funny but we were able to see that scale through theodolite.

Another issue that came in our way is that communication as during the survey some of the team members were too far from us and mobile phones were not allowed during the survey so for the communication we make special symbols to note down the readings, so that we can easily note down the readings and it was interesting also.

Enable others to act:

It’s very important for the leader to take the best out from their team members. So, whenever we did the survey it’s my responsibility that I should know which member can do which task well so that they can do their role well. So, I always gave the task according to their strength and always appreciate their work so that they feel confident and do their next task with more passion. Also, I make a rule that on each day who did their task well they get the treat from us, as a result everyone wants to do their best.

Encourage the Hearts of Others:

To encourage the others hearts is a difficult task and not everyone can do that. So, to encourage the hearts of my team members I did different things such as:

I always did more task as compared to my team members so that they don’t feel that I am leader and I am just ordering them which encourage their hearts.

I always look after them such as if someone feel tired I make their work less and put not pressure on them to do work.

Whenever our professors didn’t like our work and find any mistake and scold us, I always take the responsibility of that mistake and whenever we got the rewards we took that rewards as a team.

13 January 2020
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