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Faith And Love – The Crucial Elements Of Society

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Religious faith can be defined as loyalty to specific doctrines and strict obedience to sacred traditions. The religious people believe in the existence of a supernatural entity. According to Dawson (2013), believers are a group of people who share faith, especially in existence an entity that is bigger than the Universe. Faith lies in the inert drive towards a meaning or reason in someone’s life. While some people are born into a particular faith, others are initiated into it. Starting from the early age, everyone understands that there is something greater than them and tries to find it, which takes faith. Thus, faith is an integral part of religion as the former one is the foundation upon which one’s faith is built upon. Moreover, I believe that faith and love are crucial elements for the society.

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Religion is the language which people use to express the unexplainable. There are many perspectives that various religions have to offer regarding the nature of faith. Some believers use faith to explain the intangible concepts, while other claim that faith transfers into good deeds. However, in the end, faith comes down to having confidence and assurance in someone or something. Moreover, faith, in other words, is hope or trust for something. Faith gives everyone an opportunity to give meaning to life.

My faith is based on the Sacred Scriptures. The Biblical doctrines are a cornerstone of my Christian faith. I have been raised in a very conservative Christian family. Therefore I can’t see myself changing to any other religion I have found my purpose in my faith. I believe in the existence of God, who is the creator of the Universe. I have faith and confidence that God has a gives a purpose to my life, and that without him, the world is meaningless. Through my faith, I had become a better person. Moreover, I had the privilege to minister unto others to serve them and show them the love of God. My faith is strongly founded on the scriptures which urges believers to do good to others while remaining the “light to the world. ”

Apart from the faith I also believe in Love. Love is a strong feeling towards something or someone of the same or opposite sex. Love in the scripture is the bond that connects humans to God and humans to humans and changes people’s lives. I believe that love is what builds up a healthy and prosperous community. If people could learn to love God and love each other well, then we would not have to face the tragedies and evil like fights, terrorist attacks or discrimination within the society. Love accompanies all the other gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are kindness, humility, mercy, empathy, faithfulness, forgiveness and justice where the love is. People cannot have peace and harmony without love. Love is the glue for our broken society.

To sum up, various religions have different beliefs. However, faith is something that unites them as it attempts to explain the intangible and supernatural things. Faith gives meaning to the lives of human beings and guides them toward personal growth and improvement of the community which they live in. Lastly, love is also a key element society within that is born of faith. Thus, if people had more faith and love for each other, our society would have been a better place.

31 October 2020

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