Fake News In Modern World: Whoom To Believe

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Nowadays it is common for people to receive news especially in social media that may appear to be true but its not. Fake News is a type of propaganda that has misunderstandable information that causes conflict towards others local news. Since technology is advancing so rapidly, this users have found a way to convince they are credible sources by using similar names and web addresses that seem well respected organizations. Fake News is written and published in order to cause problems towards other agencies so they could increase more viewing and online sharing. It can become so dangerous because it misleads all information that all viewers cannot define if is true or not. Throughout the years of fake news, only the government and powerful people could spread false information, but now anyone can spread it, false or true without any consequence. For us it’s hard to trust what we read, see or hear based on the information were given. People get theirs news from different sources which most of the facts that they share sometimes it’s not true.

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In the article, “The Era of Fake Video Begins”(2018), Franklin Foer, explains how in the future, people are not going to distinguish the reality towards the fake videos by giving information about a programmer who goes by the name “deepfakes” which makes pornography based on others peoples faces. “Fabricated videos will create new and understandable suspicions about everything we watch”, Foer explains how in the future we’re not going to be able to distinguish the manipulated videos because technology is advancing so fast that we don’t actually noticed the small detail of a fake page of a newspaper. The most common fake video the media share with us is sex tapes. From the media we get the news that another famous person has made a sex tape which in some cases it’s not true but we need them to clarify it. In some cases we can’t recognized them but the video is so realistic that we just don’t doubt it as Foer says, “Or at least to the world the carnal figures look like those actresses, and the faces in the videos are indeed their own. Everything south of the neck, however, belongs to different women”. People use special programs to make the sex tapes in order to get more viewers. That’s wrong because you don’t have permission of the person your switching faces to be on the video and you don’t know if they have families that one day they could watch the video and be confused about it. That’s disgusting because your using it for someone else pleasure to enjoy even though they don’t have any clue about how the video was created. This is how fake news get created and mostly all citizens believe it because they look like credible sources.

Also, in the same article, “The Era of Fake Video Begins”(2018), the author shares with us about the new video game that is getting teenagers so hooked, VR, which stands for Virtual Reality that consist the use of a computer to create a simulated environment. This video game is so realistic that when you play it once, you’ll never stop. Virtual Reality it’s so different from the other devices such as Playstation, Wii and Xbox because they just consist of a screen and consoles while the VR consist of you actually moving in their game “actual real life”. “The ability to manipulate consumers will grow because VR definitionally creates confusion about what is real. ” Technology is advancing so rapidly that we can get manipulated and confused with really small things. Also, by creating all this fantasy their letting their consumers be more invested in this new technology. “Designers of VR have described some consumers as having such strong emotional responses to a terrifying experience that they rip off those chunky goggles to escape”. When I had the chance to play with the Virtual Reality game it wasn’t so horrible but it was so confusing because you’re actually the avatar that has to stand and move around, when in another devices you just have to play with the video games consoles.

The most common fake news people hear would be when talking about politics. The recent one was the election with Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. In the survey we could see how many fake headlines most citizens chosen to be accurate, one of them was, “FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide. Twenty-two percent of respondents people said they recalled seeing it”. This headline was found in the website Denver Guardian which by the name you can figure out everything they will post would be false. Another false headline shown in the survey is “. . . a man was paid $3, 500 to protest at a Trump rally…”. This shows how people wanted to make fake news in order for Trump not to win the election. Everyone believes that the president Donald Trump won the election because of all the fake news that people were spreading but it actually helped him get closer with his supporters during the process of the election.

In the article, “Here’s How Facebook Actually won Trump the Presidency (2016), Issie Lapowsky, explains in detail how Trump actually use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to get his supporters to trust him more in order for them to vote for him during the election. “Facebook proved to be a powerful way for Trump’s team to hone the campaigns message with the kind of enormous sample size…”. Lapowsky informs us how Trump’s team were actually smart enough to use Facebook and Twitter for him to communicate and fundraised at the same time. “They noted how Clinton spent more than $200 million on television ads… while Trump spent less than half that”. This is the first time that a President has ever used social media to manipulate the citizens in order for them to show that they are the fit candidate without spending to much money. Furthermore, with fake news spreading thru our social media, our president Donald Trump found a way to change the facts to alternative language using fake news as a resource. For most people, the definition of fake news is information that is written untruthfully in order for the audience to believe it, but for our president is “any negative poll are fake news”.

In the article, “With ‘Fake News, ’ Trump Moves from Alternative Facts to Alternative Language”, Danielle Kurtzleben (2017), explains how Trump has the power to remake our understanding of language for his own benefit by giving his own definition because he knows his supporters will follow his lead. The purpose of recreating it is because he wants to used it against the media organizations in order for them to be shut down to release any other headlines. “. . . the rebranding of fake news could be a genuine threat to democracy. ” A professor of Berkeley, George Lakoff explains how fake news is still news even though it might be misled but for him fake news is “. . . factual information that serves the public good”. With Fake News spreading around the world, it so easy to fool most Americans.

In the article, “Most Americans Who See Fake News Believe It, New Survey Says”, Craig Silverman and Jeremy Singer-Vine, found out that 75% Americans adults get fool most of the time because of the headlines been so realistic. Many people select social media especially Facebook to be there major source of news but the only information they are gathering from it is just false news. “Of the 11 headlines tested, five were false and six were true… The respondents… recalled seeing or hearing about; 75% of the time, they thought those headlines were “somewhat” or “very” accurate’’. This survey was for people to distinguish which headline was true or not. By this survey we could confirm that many people still don’t know when a fake news is published and how easily they could be fool.

Fake News is spreading thru social media and people don’t know whether it’s believable or not because they look like credible sources. Technology is advancing so quickly that people found a way to manipulate other citizens into believing what they’re reading it’s believable. Fake news is published in order to have more viewing and online sharing. This can become a conflict because it misleads so many information that people may misunderstand it. Many years back powerful people and the government could only spread fake news but today everyone can.

15 July 2020

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